13 Colonies

  • Virginia

    Economics- tobacco
    Social- Plantations, slavery
    Political- Lord De La Warr, John Rolfe, House of Burgesses
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Economic- fishing and hunting
    Political- Puritan controll the colony, representative government
    Social- extended families, Puritan religion dominant, families are in the same social class
  • New Hampshire

    absorbed by Massachusetts 1641-1679
  • Maryland

    Political- Lord Baltimore, feudal domain
    Economic- tobacco
    Social- Catholics is main religion,came with promise of land, slavery, sheltered Roman Catholics
  • Connecticut

    Political- self-governing under local control, want close church and state, Fundamental Orders
    Social- emigrants from Massacusetts, Dutch and English, Puritan
    Economic- seaports
  • Rhode Island

    Political- Roger Williams, most liberal colony
    Ecomonic- slave trade with West Indies
    Social-complete religious freedom, social outcasts, "sewer"