The Thirteen Colonies

  • Virginia

    Tobacco was the main crop of the colony and it brought in alot of income from England. Politically the colony set up a representative government called the House of Burgesses. Virginia had terrible relations with the natives
  • Period: to

    The Thirteen Colonies

  • New Hampshire

    Absorbed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Massachusetts

    Economy was based on multi crop exports to Brittain. Politically Massachusetts was founded by Puritans and had a religous based government. Socially the entire colony was Puritan and wanted to seperate its beliefs with the Church of England, No religous toleration and had bad relations with the Natves.
  • Maryland

    The economy was based off of the tobacco crop. Pollitically Lord Baltimore was the governer. Socially Maryland was very religious tolerant
  • Connecticut

    extension of Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island

    Economically Rhode Island was involved with the rum and slave trade with the West Indies and England. Politically Roger Williams was the first governer and he believed that religion and state should be seperated, also he made Rhode Island Democratic. Socially they were almost all social outcasts.
  • Deleware

    Named after De La warr
  • N. Carolina

    Economically N. Carolina's main crop was tobacco. Politically they were democratic. Socially mostly everyone was a social/religous outcast.