The 13 colonies

  • Founding of Virginia

    First permanent colony founded in north America.
    Far stretching, spread out plantations.
    Tobacco and other cash crops.
    House of burgesses.
  • Founding of New York

    Very diverse.
    ruled by dutch Stuyvesent.
    Platoonship system.
  • Founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Small, tightly knit villages, very religious.
    Fish, lumber, and ship building.
    Small town assemblies, religious leaders.
  • Founding of New Hampshire

    absorbed my Massachusetts.
  • Founding of Maryland

    Religious tolerance of Catholics.
    Controlled by Lord Baltimore.
    Tobacco and other cash crops.
  • Connecticut

    Mostly Mass emigrants.
    Local government of Puritans
  • Founding of Rhode Island.

    Religious tolerance and seperation from English church.
    Controlled by Roger Williams.
    Similar economy as MA
  • Founding of North Carolina.

    Poor farmers from other colonies on small farms.
    Self suficient.
  • South Carolina

    Large stretched out plantations.
    Tabacco and other cash crops.
    Very Aristocratic.
  • Founding of New Jersey.

    Quakers purchased land of owner.
    Peaceful, anti-authority.
    Grain and fur trade.