13 colonies

  • Virginia colony established

    founded by the london company in England, death early on and trouble with indians, tobacco major crop, house of burgess government, majority of colonists men.
  • New Hampshire colony established

    absorbed by massachusetts
  • Massachusetts colony established

    religous based society with puritain religion, set up local government based on the Mayflower Compact, promoting thecommon good, families brought over from england, shipbuilding,cash crops,
  • Establishment of Maryland

    founded by lord baltimore who ran government,plantations, haven for catholics, cash crop tobacco, act of toleration,families welcomed with roman catholic religion
  • establishment of connecticut

    emigrants from Mass, bustling seaport, lots of trade,democratic settlements in connecticut valley, made up of people who disliked puritain religion.
  • establishment of Rhode Island

    Roger williams, left mass bay colony for questioning the puritain religion, made up of outcasts for practicing what they believe in, "sewer colony",trade with cash crops, secured rights from parliament.