The Thirteen Colonies

  • Virginia Founded

    First colony to be founded successfully by England.
    Social: Protestantism, population consisted of only men at first
    Political: treated and acted as Englishmen
    Economic: searched for gold, but made money from tobacco
  • New Hampshire Founded

    See Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts Bay Founded

    Social: male-dominated; religious; composed of Separatists but mostly Puritans
    Political: started crude government by using the Mayflower Compact; first governor was John Winthrop
    Economic: fur trade, ship building, and fishing
  • Maryland Founded

    Social: refuge for Catholics
    Political: controlled by Lord Baltimore
    Economic: exported tobacco, had indentured slavery
  • Connecticut Founded

    Social: consisted of Puritans from Boston
    Political: established the Fundamental Orders
    Economic: trade similar to Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island Founded

    Social: full of outcasts; very religiously tolerant
    Political: influenced and founded by Roger Williams
  • Delaware Founded

    Social: religiously tolerant; ethnically diverse; inhabited by Swedish
    Political: democratic
    Economic: exported grain and lumber; traded
  • North Carolina Founded

    Political: Lords Propreiters created the Carolinas to separate from South Carolina
    Economic: was close with West Indies sugar trade