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  • Virginia

    Virginia was the first colony of the New World. Its people lived on spread out plantations, with slavery, and classes. Its economy depended on their crops like tobacco and cotton. Every one had the Rights of Englishmen, a House of Burgess, and was democratic.
  • New York

    Founded by the dutch, and had very little freedoms, and largley depended on its fur trade. It had people of all national backrounds.
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire was founded by John Mason.
  • Massachusetts

    Massachusetts was a puritan society that was closley knit and not religouly tolerant or private. Survived off of fishing, ship building, and fur trade. They had a the Mayflower Compact as a crude form of government. Drove out natives
  • Maryland

    Maryland was a more religous tolerate to Christians. Just as Virginia they depended on tobacco and they also had the Rights of Englishmen. Lord Baltimore ruled.
  • Connecticut

    Connecticut was a self governing colony that was Protestant and Catholic
  • Rhode Island

    IT was considered the ces pool of New England, due to all the religions that were in it. It was self Governing and very tolerant. it was founded by Roger Williams
  • Deleware

    Deleware was a propietary colony. Economically lived off Shipping.
  • North Carolina

    Very rigorous slave trade and had lots of tobacco. Lots of farming. IT was a democratic colony that was also self sufficent.
  • Carolina

    Also had bad slave trade.
  • Pennsylvania

    IT was Quaker dominant and very tolerant of people. It was an advertised colony that alot of migrated to. It had no Military