The 13 Colonies

  • Virginia

    Virginia was the first colony discovered. The Virginia company paid for the voyage. A crew of all men landed at Jamestown. The colony spent its early years searching for nonexisting gold but the discovery of tobacco kept the colony alive. This colony in its early years was dominanted by male.The House of Burgesses served as a political meeting house.
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    Discovery of 13 Colonies

  • New Hampshire

    Founded by James Mason and was later absorbed by Massachusetts in 1641.
  • Massachusetts (Plymouth, Maine)

    Massachusetts was settled by the Puritans who came over from Holland on the Mayflower. Plymouth merged with Massachusetts in 1691 and Maine was bought in 1677. Massachusetts' whole society was based off of religion. John Wintrop was the first governer of Massachusetts who wanted to build a colony everyone would look up to.
  • Maryland

    Founded by Lord Baltimore in 1634. He wanted to build a place that could be a safe haven for Catholics. Mayland was the second plantation colony discovered. Mayland produced tobacco like Virginia. Baltimore family ruled Maryland.
  • Connecticut

    Settled by Massachusetts emigrants and New Haven merged with Connecticut in 1662. Their society was based off of religion like Massachusetts. Connecticut and Massachusetts were very similar in the 1600's.
  • Rhode Island

    Roger Williams who was exiled from Massachusetts for his radical thinking, discovered Rhode Island. Williams built a Baptist church in Providence. He granted complete freedom of religion even for Jews and Catholics. Rhode Island sheltered the Quakers. Most liberal colony in the New World and more advanced than most Old World communities as well. Rhode Island was a diverse colony.
  • Delaware

    Discovered by the Swedes in 1638. This was the only settlement by the Swedes in the New World. The Dutch led by Peter Stuyvesant, defeated the Swedish at their main fort. Delaware was added to New Netherland.