The Thirteen Colonies

  • Virginia

    In 1607, the Virginia colony was founded by voyagers sponsored by the Virginia Company. The economy in Virginia was developed around the sales of gold and tobacco. The House of Burgesses, the first house of representatives, started Virginia's politics. In Virginia, disease, hunger, and Indian attacks plagued the settlers. Protestantism became the main religion because of the Church of England.
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    The Thirteen Colonies

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by Puritans, specifically non-Separatists. Led by John Winthrop, they established an economy that relied heavily on fishing, shipbuilding, and fur trading (because of infertile soil). The Massachusetts Bay Colony was not tolerant of religions except Protestantism. This forced many to migrate elsewhere. The established religion in the Massachusetts Bay Colony was Protestantism. In the "Mayflower Compact", they established a crude government.
  • Maryland

    Maryland was mainly founded by Lord Baltimore. It relied on tobacco and sales. It established the Act of Toleration, which was named ironically because it stated that they actually weren't going to tolerate any religion except Roman Catholicism.
  • Connecticut

    Connecticut was founded by Massachusetts emigrants. It had the goals of making New Haven a bustling seaport. It was absorbed into the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1677
  • Rhode Island

    The Rhode Island colony was founded by Roger Williams. It housed huge amounts of people seeking refuge from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. It had many religions whithin.
  • Delaware

    Founded by the Swedish, it was shortly taken over by the Dutch.
  • North Carolina

    Part of the Carolinas founded in 1653, it became an extremely democratic and tolerant colony. It was a tobacco farming colony, and has extreme religious toleration.