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  • Turning Point

    The French secretly sent weapons to the Patriots.
  • War moves to the Middle States

    British had previously retreated from Boston.
  • Period: to

    Sailed to New York Harbor

    General William Howe and Admiral Richard howe joined forces on Staten Island and sailed into New York Harbor.
  • Defeat of New York

    Michael Graham,A continental Army volunteer describes the chaotic withdrawal.
  • Pushing Army Away

    British pushed Washington's army across the Delaware River to Pennsylvania.
  • Victory Of Trenton

    Victory Of Trenton
    Washington resolved to risk everything on one bold stroke set.
  • Deadline for Troops

    8,000 men remained under Washington's Command and terms of their enlistment was ending.
  • Period: to

    The fight for Philadelphia

    General Howe began campaign to seize the American capital at Philadelphia.
  • The fight for Philadelphia

    General Howe's troops sail from New York to head of Chesapeake Bay and landed near the capital.
  • Victory at Saratoga

    American troops surrounded at Saratoga, where he surrendered his battered army to General Gates.
  • Period: to

    Valley Forge

    Albigense Waldo worked as surgeon at Valley Forge outside of Phileadelphia, which served as the site of the continental Anrmy's camp.
  • Period: to


    Few people thought the Americans would have won the revolution.
  • Recognizing Independence

    French recoginized American independence and signed and alliance, or treaty cooperation with the Americans.
  • Period: to

    British Move South

    British began to shift the operations to the south.
  • British successes

    British expedition easily took Savannah, Georgia.
  • Period: to

    Another British Success

    Royal Governor once again commanded Georgia.
  • Lafayette and the French

    Young Lafayette joined Washington's staff, lobbied for French reinforcements.
  • British success

    British captured Charled Town, South Carolina.
  • Cornwallis Succeeded

  • Howe is Replaced by Henry Clinton

    General Henry Clinton had replaced Howe in New York and sailed south with 8,500 men.
  • British Loses

    Forces met, British expected the outnumberes Americans to flee; but the continental Army fought back and the red coats surrendered.
  • Cornwallis Mad

    Angered by the deafeat at Cowpens, Cornwallis attacked Greene at Guilford Court House, North Carolina.
  • Greene wrote a Letter

    Greene wrote a letter to Lafayette asking for help.
  • Financing The War

    Congress appointed a rich Philadelphia Merchant named Robert Morris as Superintendent of finance.
  • Getting Finally Paid

    Troops were finally paid in specie or gold coins due to Morris and Salomons efforts.
  • Victory of Yorktown

    Victory of Yorktown
    Cornwallis finally raises white flag of surrender after being outnumbered by mor ethan two to one.
  • Winning The War

    Virginia Militia stood with the American and French armies to witness the formal british surrender.
  • Accepting British Surrender

    A triumphant Washington the French generals and troops assemble to accept British's surrender.
  • Peace Talks

    Peace talks begin in Paris.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The delegates signed the treaty of Paris which confirmed U.S independence.