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10 innovations in the 00'

  • GPS

    GPS was introduced to the United States public to help give them directions to places using satelite signals. It was an invention. It is used in cars when it first came out.
  • Text Messaging

    Text Messaging
    AT&T introduced to the public in phones. It lets you write messages to other people through phones instantly. It is new idea.
  • Wikipedia

    It is a website where people can add and edit information about any subject. It is an invention. Wikipedia was introduced to society through the internet.
  • File Sharing

    File Sharing
    Napster introduced file sharing. It's when you give someone else a file through the computer and is a new idea.
  • Social Networking

    Social Networking
    It was first introduced by Friendster and is a place to socialize by using the computer. It is an invention. This invention is what the majority of teenager spend their time doing.
  • Human Genome Project Completed

    Human Genome Project Completed
    The 13-year international project set out to identify the 20,000 to 25,000 genes in human DNA. When the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium announced that they had finished sequencing the human blueprint. The project has helped shed light on human migration, common diseases, new energy sources and many other scientific fields. It is a discovery.
  • Redbox

    The company, which rented DVDs from a device resembling a soda machine, cut the price to a dollar a day and made the process. It is anew idea. Because of redbox, Blockbusters went bankrupt due to how convinent redbox is.
  • Nitendo Wii

    Nitendo Wii
    players were pulled into the action, using a wireless controller to simulate actions such as playing tennis and boxing. The Wii has been touted as more than a game. The system has been used to teach school children music and help people lose weight. It is an invention.
  • Smart Phone

    Smart Phone
    The iPhone came out introduing smartphones. They are like tiny computers that allow a person to get on the internet along with what other phones before it do. Most phones people have are smart phones. It is a new idea.
  • e-books

    The knidle introduced e-books that you could travle around with and not have to use your computer. People now use kindles and nooks to read instead of using actual books. It is a new idea.