10 Events for the Industrial Revolution

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  • Thomas Newcomen

    Thomas Newcomen
    Thomas Newcomen an English inventor made the steam engine. Since it was the first it wasn't the best, but it is included because it would make machines go much faster. They were used to pump water out of the mines since all the mines would flood. The pump helped out a lot by taking water out of the mines for people to do their jobs much easier since the water wouldn't be invading.
  • The spinning Jenny

    The spinning Jenny
    The Spinning Jenny, made by James Hargreaves he was British carpenter and weaver, James made the spinning jenny for spinning more than one ball of thread or yarn which helped by making garments hold together until they are actually sewed or making tyoes of other clothing with those materials
  • James Hargreaves Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves Spinning Jenny
    James Hargreaves made the Spinning Jeny, he was an English carpenter and weaver, the Spinning Jenny was used for making more than one ball of yarn and thread faster, it was very helpful for clothing, shoes, hats, or anything that needed to use the material.
  • Improvement of the Steam Engine

    Improvement of the Steam Engine
    James Watt did not really make but did improve the Steam Engine. James Watt a Scottish engineer made the Steam Engine do much more. The Steam Engine was now used for powering transportation like Steamboats, Trains, and Factories. How it was helpful, transportation became much faster and there was a Mass production boost when the factories started. Faster transportation went on to Faster trades because of the increased speed, or just for Emergincies that happened over the waters
  • Steam Engine Improvment

    Steam Engine Improvment
    James Watt, who was a Scottish engineer made the Steam Engine but as an improvement for making transportation increased at a high rate and to be used in factories and mines and mills even which increased mas production.
  • Elias Howe's Sewing Machine

    Elias Howe's Sewing Machine
    Elias Howe invented the sewing machine, this was a very helpful invention because, before this invention sewing was of course done by hand and it was much harder than said to do, people no longer had to manually sew their clothing and more clothing was made at a faster rate
  • Factories Smoke

    Factories Smoke
    in the 18th century, the factories would produce so much pollution making people not able to breathe correctly or getting fatal diseases which were a good cause of death during the revolution and people in the factories would die because they had to keep breathing the pollution in with no extra air
  • Elisha Otis

    Elisha Otis
    The Elevator was made by 1853 already, but Elisha Otis made it much safer than it was before. Elisha made the Saftey brake for the Elevators because many people were afraid of using it because of how the Elevator cars falling and possibly killing the people inside it, the safety brake prevented the Elevator from falling and made more people feel safe while riding it. This was helpful to prevent death by the elevator or just to get through a building faster.
  • Methods of Making Steel

    Methods of Making Steel
    1855 Henry Bessemer invents a quick way to make the metal Steel from Iron. he had a way to make steel more properly and quickly and even more cheaply to go from mass production in tiny towns to mass production in cities. This helped by making cities with more homes and more places to go around which meant more people could live there.
  • The Machines replacing the young workers

    The Machines replacing the young workers
    Around the early 1860's kids were being replaced by the machines, child labor was going down more and more every day because these machines did the work to make what they needed. Factories were being made and used for making the material they needed for the Steam Engine or the Telegraph or Whitney's Cotton Gin or just anything that was bringing so much less manual work to everyone.
  • Dynamite

    Alfred Nobel created dynamite. Dynamite was much safer than using gunpowder to explode. Dynamite was used for caves and mountainsides and in the ground, these reasons were because caves could produce iron which led to steel which led to the mountainsides blown up to make train tracks leading to trains being made and used for transportation to another destination.
  • Alfred Noble created Dynamite

    Alfred Noble created Dynamite
    Alfred Noble created Dynamite because it was much safer than black powder. This made an impact on the Industrial Revolution by Clearing paths for trains, using them for caves and to find goods easier and faster.