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  • First Central Bank established in England.

    First Central Bank established in England.
    This bank was built because William Paterson noticed that the nation's finances had been in disarray and had no real system of money or credit. The Bank of England was known as the "old lady of Threadneedle Street". This bank is a famous attraction in England today because it's one of the oldest banks in the world.
  • The first productive steam engine.

    The first productive steam engine.
    Thomas Newcomen invented the first productive steam engine. The rivers provided the power for the factories but then the steam engine was invented, factories could be located anywhere. The steam engine pumped water using a vacuum created by condensed steam. They used this pump to unflood the coal mine which caused coal/mining production to increase.
  • The Flying Shuttle

    The Flying Shuttle
    James Kay invented the Flying Shuttle.Since you needed 2 weavers side by side of each other, Kay mounted his shuttle on wheels and on a track. Then he used paddles to shoot the shuttle from side to side when the weaver jerked a cord. Using the flying shuttle, one weaver could weave fabrics of any width more quickly than two could before. This flying shuttle increased production of the weaving industry. The looms wove the cloth so fast that the spinners couldn't keep up with the demand of thread.
  • The Spinning Jenny

    The Spinning Jenny
    James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny and then named his invention after his wife.The Spinning Jenny allowed one worker to spin eight spindles. Clothworkers were alert to any new labor-saving machine proposed that threatens their jobs. When it was discovered that James Hargreaves was building just such a machine, the clothworkers broke into his house and the machine was destroyed.
  • The Water Frame

    The Water Frame
    Richard Arkwright invented the water frame. The water frame hooked up spinning machines to a water wheel and the water stream would turn the water wheel and power the spinning machines. People of the time it was invented, thought it was the most importent invention because it allowed the spinning jenny, and the spinning frame, ect. to be automatically powered, but with it automaticaly powered, it put people out of work.
  • The Spinning Mule

    The Spinning Mule
    Samuel Crompton invented the spinning mule which combined spinning and weaving into one machine. The spinning mule is a device that spun textile fibers into yarn by an intermittent process: in the draw stroke, the roving is pulled through and twisted; on the return, and then it is wrapped onto the spindle.
  • The Power Loom

    The Power Loom
    Edmund Cartwright invented the power loom, which, after 1800 was powered by new steam engines. Replaced the flying shuttle. In a power loom, movements coordinated by human hand and eye have to be replicated through the precise interaction of levers, cams, gears, and springs so powers looms were the last in the textile industry to be mechanicalized. This improved production and made it faster and cheaper
  • Coal Mined

    Coal Mined
    10 million tons of coal was mined in Great Britain in 1800. This was great to the inventors of this time era because their newly invented machines needed more coal than the people had so they mined deeper and deeper. This coal was used as fuel for inventions and to keep people warm.
  • Steam Locomotive

    Steam Locomotive
    The Steam Locomotive was invented in 1814. A locomotive or engine is a rail transport vehicle that provides the motive power for a train. A locomotive or engine is a rail transport vehicle that provides the motive power for a train. Steam locomotives are vehicles that run on rails or tracks and are powered by steam engines. It made transportation faster and cheaper.
  • The Cholera epidemic

    The Cholera epidemic
    Beginning in the early 1830s and ending in 1849, cholera epidemics killed thousands of United States citizens, including many Ohioans. Cholera first appeared in the United States in 1832, apparently arriving with European immigrants. Cholera is a disease that is spread by drinking water or eating food that is contaminated with human feces. 10,000 people die in three months in London from the Cholera epidemic. This was a devastating event because it killed thousands of life's.