10 breakthroughs in medicine

  • Dec 29, 1503

    first hospital in amerias

    first hospital in amerias
    The first hospital founded in the Americas was the Hospital San Nicolás de Bari [Calle Hostos] in Santo Domingo,Fray Nicolás de Ovando, Spanish governor and colonial administrator from 1502–1509, authorized its construction on December 29, 1503.
  • organ transplants

    organ transplants
    the Italian surgeon Gasparo Tagliacozzi wrote a book recording his sucesses in organ transplants
  • vacctionations

    the first recorded inoculation breakthrough was in 1724 but it is belived that there were forms of vactionations in india and china for years before
  • Anesthesia

    The first anesthesia was cocaine and was first used during eye surgery by Karl Koller
  • Antibiotics

    Antibiotics were first discribed by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch
  • Structuralism

    German physician Wilhelm Wundt is credited with introducing psychological discovery into a laboratory setting. Known as the "father of experimental psychology",[14] he founded the first psychological laboratory, at Leipzig University, in 1879.
  • Cardiac surgery

    Cardiac surgery
    The earliest operations on the pericardium (the sac that surrounds the heart) took place in the 19th century and were performed by Francisco Romero Dominique Jean Larrey, Henry Dalton, and Daniel Hale Williams.The first surgery on the heart itself was performed by Norwegian surgeon Axel Cappelen on the 4th of September 1895 at Rikshospitalet in Kristiania, now Oslo. He ligated a bleeding coronary artery in a 24 year old man who had been stabbed in the left axillae and was in deep shock up
  • X-ray machines

    X-ray machines
    On January 18, 1896 an X-ray machine was formally displayed by H.L. Smith
  • penicillin

    Alexander Fleming in found penicillin in 1928.[15] He showed that, if Penicillium notatum were grown in the appropriate substrate, it would exude a substance with antibiotic properties, which he dubbed penicillin. This serendipitous observation began the modern era of antibiotic discovery.
  • laser eye surgery

    laser eye surgery
    Lasik eye surgery, or Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis, developed over the course of one hundred years. Knowledge of the eye in conjunction with sophisticated surgical techniques culminated in many Europeans acknowledging the possibility of radial keratotomy. Japanese doctors in the 1930's also saw this potential. However, it was not until the 1970's Russia that it was actually put to physical test. by Dr. Fyodorov