009230 Music Timeline

  • 200

    The First Ever Music (Pre historic)

    (Pre historic)
    Music started with people banging sticks and bones together.
  • Period: 500 to Jan 1, 1400

    Medieval Music

  • Jan 1, 1300

    Harpsichord Invented (approx Middle Ages)

    There are three people who may have invented the harpsichord: Henri Arnault de Zwolle, Psaltery and Hans Ruckers.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to

    Renaissance Music

  • Period: to

    Baroque Period

    Baroque period used the harpsichord; the piano came in the classical period. The harpsichord was just lust like a piano but a harpsichord’s strings are plucked not hit which give it a vibrating sound after.
  • The Piano was Invented

    The piano was invented by an Italian, Bartolomeo Cristofori. This was used a lot in the classical period, we still use pianos now, but we have improved them.
  • Period: to

    Classical Period

    Classical Period WikiClassical music was known for it's piano and stringed instrument work. Some well known composers were: Mozart, Schubert, Handel and Brahms. Classical music was popular because it was calm and was ‘posh’ and sophisticated. Classical music was usually played at balls where people would slow dance to it.
  • Electro String Instrument Corporation

    Electro String Instrument Corporation
    Adolph Rickenbacker founded the Electro String Instrument Corporation.
  • Period: to

    Rock 'n' Roll

    Rock ‘n’ Roll was played at concerts where many teenagers went to dance and watch.
    Parents didn’t like Rock ‘n’ Roll because teens went wild and it was thought inappropriate.
    Elvis Presley started his career and became one of the best rock ‘n’ Roll singers.
    Paul McCartney was the founding member of the beatles, one of the biggest Rock 'n' Roll bands.
  • Synthesizer Invented

    Synthesizer Invented
    The synthesizer was invented by Robert Moog. The synthesizer is an instrument that can make different sounds.
  • Beatles First Review

    Richard Goldstein, writing in The New York Times on 8 December 1968, described the album as a "major success."
    "Each song on the sprawling double album The Beatles is an entity to itself, as the band touches on anything and everything they can. This makes for a frustratingly scattershot record or a singularly gripping musical experience, depending on your view, but what makes the White Album interesting is its mess."
  • John Lennon Killed

    On the evening of 8 December 1980, Mark David Chapman shot and killed Beatles (big band of the 1950’s) singer John Lennon. Everyone was devistated that one of the main members of one of the biggest rock 'n' Roll band was killed.