009223 games

  • late 1940's

    late 1940's
    wiki first gameone of the first game ever made it is important because it is what started the video game revolution
  • early 1950's

    early 1950's
    tic tack toe was invented
  • early 1960's

    early 1960's
    Nintendo Founded on September 23, 1889,By 1963, the company had tried several small niche businesses, it is now well known in todays day and age and has prodused three hand helds
  • in the 1980's

    in the 1980's
    Pac man is an arcade game developed by Namcoyou had to collect allthe yellow dots without being caught by the ghosts
  • in the 1990's

    in the 1990's
    The first sonic game in 1991 In the game, Sonic must prevent Doctor Robotnik from collecting the six Chaos Emeralds in an attempt to rule South Island. it was important because no one has ever came up with this kind of idea before and is still going
  • in the millenium (2001)

    in the millenium (2001)
    The x box console came out in 2001 it was the first console to ever have a built in hardrive inside
  • in 2005

    in 2005
    Pokémon emerald came out
  • 2010

    the x box kienect came out
  • finnaly 2011

    finnaly 2011
    nintendo 3dsNintendo 3ds came out in japan, marvel vs capcom 3 fate of two worlds came out after the second one in 2000