Zia ryo team

ZIA 2012 - Richmond Youth Outreach V2

  • Zenith in Action: Presentation Day

  • Period: to

    Phase 1 - Preparation

    The time between the startup and the actual first "semester" of autonomous Mentor - Mentee interaction.
  • Period: to

    Integral Teams: Interview Period

    Interviews for the hopefuls of the Supervisory, Marketing, and Logistics committees.
  • Integral Teams: Member Finalization

  • Overall: Office Setup

  • Supervisory: Training/Orientation

  • Marketing: First Team Meeting

  • Logistics: First Team Meeting

  • Marketing: Advertisment Design

  • Logistics: Expenses discussion

  • Supervisory: Discuss Events

  • Marketing: Completed Advertising Designs

  • Supervisory: Completion of the June itinerary

  • Period: to

    Advertising: ADS are now LIVE

    Ads from the design discussions are now complete and sent to distributors for confirmation and release.
  • Period: to

    Phase 2 - Mentor Selection/External Interaction

    With the backbone of the Foundation set up, the leaders and the Supervisory can now interview hopeful Mentors and Mentees.
  • Period: to

    Supervisory + Logistics: Interviews for Mentors and Mentees

  • Overall: More meetings

  • Marketing: Design Cont...

  • Logistics: Advertising Medium Discussion

  • Supervisory: Events Discussion Cont.

  • 3 Teams: Continued Meetings

  • Overall: More meetings

  • Overall: More meetings