Zebulon Pike

  • born

    Zebulon Pike was born on Jan.7th 1779 to Isabella Pike.
  • became Lieutenant

    (date not accurate) He became a lieutenant in the infantry regiment
  • Buffalo blood

    Buffalo blood
    Zebulon Pike drank buffalo blood from the lack of water. (date not accurate.)
  • Married

    Zebulon Pike was married to Clara Harlow Brown. They ran of without their permission. Date not accurate.
  • Fort Kaskiskia

    Fort Kaskiskia
    (date not accurate) he was in charge of Fort Kaskaskia and almost died of a case of the measles. (illness)
  • Pike's Peak

    Pike's Peak
    He tried to climb the mountain but never made it. "the mountain will never will be climbed"He said.
  • Became a Major

    Zebulon Pike became a major for his curageous work.
  • Died

    Zebulon Pike died while attacking York, Canada. They blew up the powder store and a fragment hit him in his back. His last words were " move on my fellows."