Z for Zachariah

Timeline created by k_flanery14
  • Return from Odgentown

    Anne's father, brother, and cousin David returned from Odgentown
  • Anns family was killed

    Anne's family went to Odgentown and were killed by radiation
  • Ann left

  • Mr. Loomis comes to Valley

  • Mr. Loomis gets sick

    Mr. Loomis swims in Burden Creek and gets sick
  • Anns Tractor

    Ann gets tractor working
  • Anns house

    Ann moves back to house
  • Ann in hiding

    Ann hides in cave from Mr. Loomis
  • Mr. Loomis hides tractor keys

  • Mr. Loomis shoots Ann

  • Mr. Loomis Searches

    Mr. Loomis uses Faro to track down Anne
  • Ann leaves