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Young Adult Lit Timeline

By tomlinc
  • Period: to

    Purity without Passion

    Books for children were mainly about being pure--there was no emphasis on living life in the here and now.
  • School buildings as public libraries

  • Dime and Domestic Novels

    Dime and Domestic Novels
  • Alcott and Alger publish

    Alcott and Alger publish
    Alcott had staying power; Alger did not.
  • American Sunday School Books

    American Sunday School Books
    These books, mainly moral lessons, lose their influence.
  • Reading Needs vs. Wants

    Reading Needs vs. Wants
  • Stratemeyer Syndicate

    Stratemeyer Syndicate
  • Period: to

    From Safety of Romance to Beginnings of Realism

    The US faced many challenges during this time--WWI, the Great Depression, The Roaring Twenties and industrialization. Books for children reflected how Americans began to see the changes within their society.
  • School Librarians Needed!

    School Librarians Needed!
  • Girls Books vs. Boys' Books

  • Kids that choose books read more

  • Period: to

    1940-1960 From Certainty to Uncertainty

    This time in society is marked by its gaps. Many studies are done on what kids like to read, but they mostly prove to be inadequate. Bibliotherapy becomes popular.
  • Most pre-1940 books drop out of popularity

  • English is a Discipline

    English is a Discipline
  • Paperbacks Rule!

  • Bildungsroman influences YA lit.

    Bildungsroman influences YA lit.
  • First YA Criticism Appears

  • Civil Rights for African Americans

  • Period: to

    1960-1980 Uncertainty becomes Turbulence

    Many of the social upheavals of the times (Civil Rights, Womens Rights, Gay Rights, Environmental Movement) still cause people to take sides today.
  • Educational Wasteland published

  • "Intellectual Rights and the Teenager"

  • The Outsiders is published.

    The Outsiders is published.
  • "Quick Picks" instead of "Books for Slow High School Readers"

  • VOYA established.

  • First edition of our text--first of its kind