• Non-agression pact

    Non-agression pact
    soviets sign non-agression pact with hitler after being excluded from munich confrence
  • September 1st 1939

    hitler did a surprise attack on poland. hitler started using lightning war technique
  • britain strikes back

    britain strikes back
    result of britain striking back is disasterous for italians. britain took 130000 prisoners
  • september 17 1939

    september 17 1939
    stalin sent troops to occupy eastern half of poland. wanted to annex countries north of poland
  • april 19 1940

    hitler launched surprise attack on denmark and norway.
  • hitlers surprise attack

    hitlers surprise attack
    hitler gave luxemborg, netherlands and belgium surprise attack
  • battle of britian

    hitlers plan to knockout royal airforce and lands 250,000 soldiers.
  • end of may 1940

    end of may 1940
    hitler traps allied forces around french city lille
  • june 22 1940

    june 22 1940
    french forces surrender
  • hitler attacks USSR

    germany launched attack on USSR, and soviets were not prepared
  • Atlantic charter

    Atlantic charter
    President roosevelt and winston Churchill met secretly to make a joint decleration called Atlantic charter