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Year 10 BOM Assignment

  • Period: to

    BOM Assignment

  • First BOM Lesson

    First BOM lesson of the term. Introduced to the idea of having our own business plan.
  • Had Business Idea

    Had the idea to have a create-your-own smoothie bar as my business for the assignment.
  • Received Assignment

    Received assignment for a business plan.
  • Started Timeline

    Signed up and started using timeline.
  • Name. Logo and Slogan

    Name finalised, logo created and slogan imaginated
  • Financial Forecast

    Financial forecast for the next two years created
  • Business Goals and Objectives

    The goals and objectives of the business were added to the business plan today
  • Business Promotion and Human Resources

    The human resources required for the business was outlines and added to the business plan. The plan for advertising and promotion was finalised and inserted into the business plan
  • Financial Plan

    The amount of capital and financial forcast has been completed and added to the business plan
  • Draft Completed

    Future prospects section of business plan completed. The draft is complete and handed in
  • Presentation Preparation

    Draft completed and handed in for checking. Presentation preparations begin
  • Presentation and Completion

    Hard copy handed in and business plan presented