Yang Zutal Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1438

    Planet Killers Dispatched

    Planet Killers Dispatched
    In one final attempt to win a long lasting war, the Yang Zutal built and deployed the devices known to Starfleet as "Planet Killers." Some time later, their creations would turn rogue, some leaving the galaxy but others staying behind and destroying their creators.
  • Yang Zutal Flee Home Galaxy

    Yang Zutal Flee Home Galaxy
    After holding out against the planet killers for nearly five centuries, the Yang Zutal flee their home galaxy in hopes of finding a new home that could support their now nearly extint civilization.
  • Yang Zutal Wormhole Generator Goes Inactive

    With energy reserves close to empty, the Yang Zutal are forced to deactivate their wormhole generator indefinitely. They begin running under standard warp propulsion as they make their way towards the nearest viable galaxy.
  • Yang Zutal Reach Milky Way Galaxy

    After nearly a century of running on standard propulsion, the Yang Zutal fleet reaches the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and begins scouting for colonization sites.
  • Klingon First Contact

    Klingon First Contact
    A Klingon vessel encounters one of many Yang Zutal scouting parties and is destroyed. After short term imprisonment, the crew is returned to Quo'nos.
  • Yang Zutal Fleet Begins Colonization

    Having spent the better part of two years searching for viable solar systems to colonize, the Yang Zutal fleet enters the Hades systema and begins teraforming the planets.
  • Starfleet Intelligence Teams Dispatched

    Having received reports on the Klingon first contact and the reported colonization of the Hades system, Starfleet dispatches a covert intelligence team to gather information on the Yang Zutal. The teams discover that the Yang Zutal have converted a class-Y planet to Class-M and have begun doing the same to a second.
  • Naussican's, Orions, and others observed entering Hades System

    In early 2387, members from the Orion Syndicate, Naussican Coalition, House of Duras, and House of K'Jaden are observed entering and exiting Yang Zutal space. Intelligence reports later indicated that each group was meeting to discuss an alliance.
  • Hobus Star Goes Supernova

    Within Romulan space, the Hobus star becomes dangerously unstable, unleashing a supernova unlike any previously seen. The resulting shockwave devastates the Romulan homeworld and cripples the Romulan Star Empire.