Ww2 first

WWII Time line

  • Hitler comes to power

    Hitler comes to be the leader of Germany in January of 1933
  • Nuremberg Laws

    The Nuremberg Laws or Nürnberg Laws of 1935 were antisemitic laws in Nazi Germany. Nazism became an official ideology incorporating scientific racism and antisemitism. There was a rapid growth in German legislation directed at Jews.
  • Remiliarization of the Rhineland

    Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany was "forbidden to maintain or construct any fortification either on the Left bank of the Rhine or on the Right bank to the west of a line drawn fifty kilometers to the East of the Rhine". If a violation "in any manner whatsoever" of this Article took place, this "shall be regarded as committing a hostile act...and as calculated to disturb the peace of the world" However on March 7, 1936 German forces entered Rhineland
  • World war 2 begins

    The official start of world war 2
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    aerial attacks on British military and civilian targets by German air forces. Germany unable to defeat Britain!
  • Hitler tours pairs

    Hitler and the Nazi's invade into paris.
  • Battle of Britian begins

    Britian declares war on Germany
  • Pearl Harbor

    Surpise attack by the japanese on american forces in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii