World war 2

World War II

  • Benito Mussolini 's fascist government in Italy

    Benito Mussolini 's fascist government in Italy
    Strong nationalism and placing interest in each state rather than focusing specifically on each individual person.
  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Written by Hitler with the belief that the German race is superior and has the right to expand with racial purification.
  • Japanese invasion of Manchuria

    Japanese invasion of Manchuria
    Surprise attack on China that led to the capture of a Texas sized land mass.
  • Storm Troopers

    Storm Troopers
    Unemployed people who joined Hitler's private army.
  • Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany

    Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany
    Strong belief in nazism and racism. Excellent leader and speaker which allowed him to successfully take control of Germany. He wanted revenge on the countries that made Germany struggle and wanted purification of the German race.
  • Third Reich

    Third Reich
    The "Third German Empire" that would last for 1000 years according to Hitler and also would destroy the democratic government set up before.
  • Hitler's military build up in Germany

    Hitler's military build up in Germany
    Hitler pulls out of the League of Nations and starts building up an army, going against the Treaty of Versailles. The League took no action.
  • Hitler invades the Rhineland

    Hitler invades the Rhineland
    Hitler takes the Rhineland and the League does nothing to stop him.
  • Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia

    Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia
    Italy takes Ethiopia and the League boycotts Italy, but it really does nothing to hurt them much.
  • Francisco Franco

    Francisco Franco
    Leads rebellion against the Spanish government and a civil war breaks out.
  • Rome-Berlin Axis

    Rome-Berlin Axis
    German and Italian formal alliance.
  • Nonagression pact

    Nonagression pact
    Stalin signs this pact with Hitler to agree on not attacking each other.
  • Hitler's Anschluss

    Hitler's Anschluss
    Hitler targets Austria and takes it without intervention from other countries.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    Meeting in Munich where Sudetenland became German territory with the promise that it would be the last German demand.
  • Joseph Stalin's totalitarian government in the Soviet Union

    Joseph Stalin's totalitarian government in the Soviet Union
    Government has complete control over the citizens who practically have no rights.
  • Blitzkreig

    Germany war tactic to use new technology such as faster tanks and planes to overwhelm the enemy.
  • Britain and France declare war on Germany

    Britain and France declare war on Germany
    The attacks on Poland got Britain and France involved and when war was declared, World War II started.
  • Phony War

    Phony War
    French and British troops sat on the Maginot line as the Germans looked across from a few miles away with nothing really happening.
  • Hitler's invasion on the Netherlands

    Hitler's invasion on the Netherlands
    Turned against the Netherlands and took over by May. This ended the Phony war.
  • Marshall Philepe Petain

    Marshall Philepe Petain
    Marshall of the Nazi army.
  • The Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain
    Germans assemble a fleet and started an air war. 2600 planes would be able to bomb Britain. Britain fights back with radar and Hitler calls off the attacks.
  • Hitler's invasion of Denmark and Norway

    Hitler's invasion of Denmark and Norway
    Hitler invaded Denmark and Norway to "help protect" but really just wanted to build bases on the coast, to defeat Britain.
  • Germany and Italy's invasion on France

    Germany and Italy's invasion on France
    They start to invade and Hitler gives France terms of surrender which leads to Germany controlling half of France.
  • Pearl Harbor attack

    Pearl Harbor attack
    180 Japanese planes bombed the biggest U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor
  • Lend-Lease Act

    Lend-Lease Act
    Act that meant the U.S. would lend any supplies or support to other countries who were vital to he U.S.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    The 3-5 year project to construct an atomic bomb.
  • Internment

    Confinement of Japanese Americans.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    Germans attacked the city and took over 9/10 of it. The Soviet Union then cut off their supplies and trapping them in the city. The Germans had no choice but to surrender.
  • Operation Torch

    Operation Torch
    Invasion of North Africa where the Axis powers controlled.
  • Women's Auxiliary Army Corps

    Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
    Women could now serve in non combat positions for the country.
  • Office of Price Admiunistration

    Office of Price Admiunistration
    Stopped inflation by freezing the prices of goods.
  • War Productions Board

    War Productions Board
    Ensured the armed forces received all the resources they need.
  • Battle of the Atlantic

    Battle of the Atlantic
    This was after Pearl Harbor when Hitler called in submarines to attack the east coast of America. The U.S. started sending convoys to Europe and started using radar with the mass production of ships to overpower the Germans.
  • U.S. convoy system

    U.S. convoy system
    The U.S.send battleships and planes to navigate the cargo ships safely across the Atlantic.
  • Unconditional surrender

    Unconditional surrender
    Allied powers discussed that the Axis powers would have to accept any terms of surrender that they called for.
  • Korematsu v. United States

    Korematsu v. United States
    Court case ruling justification on evacuating Japanese Americans.
  • Bloody Anzio

    Bloody Anzio
    Battle that lasted for months leaving 25,000 Allied dead and 30,000 Axis dead. Germany was almost ready to collapse.
  • D-Day

    Allies gathered a force of 3 million troops to launch a phantom attack on the Axis. They sent fake radio signals that the Germans could hear to trick them and allow the plan to work. It was the largest land-air-sea battle ever.
  • The Battle of the Bulge

    The Battle of the Bulge
    Germans sent tanks 60 miles into Allied territory, capturing 120 American GI's and killing all prisoners on the way. However, in the end the Germans had lost 120,000 troops, 1,600 planes, and 600 tanks.
  • Death of Hitler

    Death of Hitler
    The Soviet invaded Berlin when the Nazis were extremely weak. Hitler was ready for the end and happy what he had accomplished, but also blamed the Jews and generals for losing the war. He shot himself while his wife drank poison to die.
  • Harry S. Truman

    Harry S. Truman
    Came into presidency as the former president died of a stroke.
  • V-E Day

    V-E Day
    Victory in Europe day was when the Germans surrendered and the war ended.