Battle of britain destruction

WWII - Lead up and Causes

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    WWII - Lead up and Causes

    Once Hitler had established power in Germany, he quickly began to re-arm the country and take over surrounding territory. Italy and Japan also began to invade foreign territories to add to their empires. Reaction from other nations was cautious at first, but by September 1939, World War II had begun.
  • Japan Conquers Machuria

    Japan Conquers Machuria
    Facing severe eonomic problems and overcrowding on its idlands, Japan invades Manchuria, just north of Korea. The League of Nations takes no decisive action against this Japanese agression.
  • Germany Re-arms

    Germany Re-arms
    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany and immediately begins expanding the German army and air force beyond the limits set out in the Treaty of Versailles. Ther German military slogan is, "Today Germany. Tomorrow the world!"
  • Mussolini Invades Ethiopia

    Mussolini Invades Ethiopia
    Italy invades Ethiopia (Abyssinia) in Africa to expand its territory and to obtain the region's rich oil resources. Again the League of Nations takes no decisive action.
  • Hitler Occupies the Rhineland

    Hitler Occupies the Rhineland
    German troops march into the Rhineland. By the Treaty of Versailles, German troops were forbidden from moving within 50 km of the Rhine River. No one Stops the German advance.
  • Rome-Berlin Axis Pact is Signed

    Rome-Berlin Axis Pact is Signed
    Hitler signs a pact with Mussolini. Mussolini allows Hitler to take Austria and other territories in northern and central Europe. Hitler promises to let Mussolini take over souther Europe. Later in 1940, Japan joins the alliance. These countries are known as the Axis Powers.
  • Germany Annexes Austria (Anschluss)

    Germany Annexes Austria (Anschluss)
    Nazi soldiers occupy Austria without a single shot being fired. Again, other nations make no attempt to stop Hitler's advance because they want to avoid another war.
  • Munich Agreement is Signed

    Munich Agreement is Signed
    Britain and France meet with Hitler and sign the Munich Agreement. They allow Germany to have the Sudentenland (the northwestern part of Czechoslovakia) because they believe it will save the world from war. This policy becomes known as "appeasement". (Acutally signed on Sept. 30 but dated Sept. 29)
  • Hitler Occupies Czechoslovakia

    Hitler Occupies Czechoslovakia
    Hitler had claimed the Sudentenland was his last demand for territory, but in March 1939 Nazi troops occupy all of Czechoslovakia.
  • Germany and Soviet Union Sign Non-Agression Pact

    Germany and Soviet Union Sign Non-Agression Pact
    Germany signs a pact with the Soviet Union. The two countries promise not to fight each other in the event of a war. They also secretly agree to divide Poland between them. Hitler is now free to plan his moves against France and Britain in the west. He no longer has to fear an attack from the Soviet Union in the east.
  • Hitler Invades Poland

    Hitler Invades Poland
    Hitler demands that the Polish Corridor (awarded to Poland after the Treaty of Versailles) be handed back to Germany. Poland refuses. The Nazis launch a Blitzkrieg (lightning war) on Poland. Poland falls to the Nazi attack.
  • Britain and France Declare War on Germany

    Britain and France Declare War on Germany
    Britain and France realize there can be no more appeasement. They declare war on Germany. World War II begins.
  • Canada Declares War on Germany

    Canada Declares War on Germany
    Seven days after Britain declares war. Canada declares war on Germany.