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  • Facism and Benito Mussolini in italy

    Facism and Benito Mussolini in italy
    Facist Party won 35 seats in parliment. The spread of communism scare alot of people
  • soviet union was formed by V.I. Lenin

    soviet union was formed by V.I. Lenin
    formed after russian revolution
  • Joseph Stalin takes control of soviet union after death of V.I. Lenin

    Joseph Stalin takes control of soviet union after death of V.I. Lenin
  • Kellogg-Briand pact

    Kellogg-Briand pact
    the U.S. and 61 other nations signed the pact wgere they pledged to never make war again, this agreement permitted defensive war
  • Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party

    Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party
    Adolf Hitler takes over government and dismantled Germany's democratic Weimar republic and started the third reich
  • haulacost(anti semitism)

    haulacost(anti semitism)
    the sistimatic murder of 11 million people across europe more than half of whom were jews
  • soviets invade finland

    soviets invade finland
    soviet army invades finland. after three months of fightting fins surrender
  • Franklin Roosevelt

    Franklin Roosevelt
    roosevelt pushed the reciprocal trade agreement act wich lowered trade barriers by giving the president power to make trade agreements and he was aiming to reduce tariffs as much as 50%
  • Troops build in Ethiopia

    Troops build in Ethiopia
    musolini begins building his new roman empire his first target was ethiopia by 1935 10,000 soldiers advanced into ethiopia
  • neautrility acts

    neautrility acts
    congress passed a series of neautrility acts to keep the U.S. out of future wars the first two outlawed arms sales and loans to nations at war the third extended the ban to nations at civil war
  • francisco franco

    francisco franco
    passed the third of three neautrility acts in wich the U.S. extended bans on arms sales and loans to nations undergoing civil war
  • Ethiopia Falls

    Ethiopia Falls
    By 1936 ethiopia fell to the russian empire
  • quarantine speech

    quarantine speech
    a speech against isolationsism given by roosevelt in chicago where he called peace loving nations to quarantine or isolate agressor nations to stop the spread of wat
  • Neville Chamberlain-"peace with honor"

    Neville Chamberlain-"peace with honor"
    he was the british prime minister durring World War 2. he meet with Hitler in munich.
  • Greman troops march into austria

    Greman troops march into austria
    gremans march into austria unopposed forcing Schuschnigg to resign. 2 days later gremany anounced that "union" with austria was complete
  • Winston Churchill-"appeasement"

    Winston Churchill-"appeasement"
    political rival for the leadership of great britain. he beleived Chamerlain gave intoappeasement, or giving in to an gresser for pacify.
  • Munich pact

    Munich pact
    beleiving hitler when he said this was his last terrarorial advance and in egerness to avoid war, daladier and chamberlain signed the munich pact. giving czechoslovakia to him
  • kristallnact "crystal night"

    kristallnact "crystal night"
    gangs of nazi storm troopers attacked jewish homes buisnesses and synagouges across germany
  • concentration camps (genecide)

    concentration camps (genecide)
    life in the camps was a cycle of hunger humiliation and hard work that only ended in death
  • nonagression act

    nonagression act
    soviet union and germany signed a non-agression act wich stated they wouldnt fight eachother
  • Start of WWII

    Start of WWII
    Germany invades Poland
  • blitzkreig

    germany newest military strategie allowed germany to suprise and quickly crush all of there enemies
  • France and Britain declare war on Germany

    France and Britain declare war on Germany
    war was declared on germany
  • the election of 1940

    the election of 1940
    war was the key issue in this electionin the isolationists party the platform was we will not practice in foreign wars roosevelt did not accept this and added five words except in the case of an attack
  • germany invades denmark and norway

    germany invades denmark and norway
    hitler launched a suprise invasion of denmark and norway germans said this action was in order to protect these coutries freedom and independence
  • germany invades belgium netherlands and luxenbourg

    germany invades belgium netherlands and luxenbourg
    after germany invaded denmark and norway it turned it sights on these countries
  • germany and italy invade la france

    italy and germany invade france germans close in on paris from north italy invaded from south
  • axis powers

    axis powers
    japan germany and italy signed a mutual defense treaty the tripartile pact the pact was clearly aimed at keeping the U.S. out of the war
  • battle of britain

    battle of britain
    hitler assembled an invading fleet along the french coast because he could not compete with the naval power of britain at the same time germany launched an air warfare upon britain
  • Lend-lease

    congress passed it and supported it with 7 billion dollars the U.S. eventually spent 50 billion under the act
  • selective service and the GI joes

    after pearl harbor americans jammed the recruiting offices admitting that they wanted to be "heroes" even the 5 million who volunteered for military services werent enough to face an all out war on two global fronts
  • atlantic chapter

    a document in wich roosevelt and churchhill spelled out the causes for wich WWII was fought it pledged that the united states and great britain wouldnot seek territorial expansions without consent of inhabitants and respect the rights of the people to choose there own government promote free trade among nations encourage international cooperation build a secure peace based on freedom from want and fear work for disagreements of agressors establish a permanent system general security
  • hideki tojo

    militant japanese general became the new prime minister of japan shortly after he attended a meeting and promised to try to preserve peace with the united states but on nov. 5th 1941 the very day that tojos special peace envoy flew to washington he ordered the japanese navy to declare an attack on the united states
  • pearl harbor

    a japanese dive bomber swooped low over the U.S. naval base at pearl harbor the bomber was followed by more than 180 japanesewar planesfor an hour and a half the japanese were hardly disturbed by the U.s. anti aircraft guns the last plane soared off around 9:30 am
  • womens auxilary army corps

    army cheif of staff general george marshall pushed for the formation of the waac under the bill women in the army woul not recieve the same rank pay or benefits as men in the same positions
  • Troops build up in rheinland

    Troops build up in rheinland
    what awaited General Eisenhower's armies was an exhausting campaign in horrid weather against a foe whose determination was steeled by the belief that he was fighting for the very survival of his homeland