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  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Reading Mein Kampf is like listening to Hitler speaks. Hitler’s didn’t actually write the book he dictated to a person this book is significant because it says everything Hitler was planning to do about the future of Germany and everything if someone would’ve played more attention to it he could’ve been stopped and WWII might have been prevented.
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  • Japanese invasion of Manchuria

    Japanese invasion of Manchuria
    9/13/31 The Kwantung army of the Japanese empire invaded Manchuria. In an attempt to gain control of Asia. This was significant because it was one of the many reasons World War II began.
  • Autobahns

    The autobahn was a signafagnt roadway built for germany it consided of 7,000 miles of road. It was the only european roadway of its time it provided a great way to transport troops and supplies which gave germany an advanatage in the war. The autobahns lowest speed limit was 25mph. this needs sp
  • The Philippine advantage

    The Philippine advantage
    The United States seized the Philippine Islands from Spain in May 1898 Provisions were then made in 1934 to recognize Philippine independence after a ten-year transitional period. During these ten years, the United States would be allowed to maintain military and other reservations and armed forces. This gave the United States a huge advantage for troops and supplies. They were only 500 miles away from Japan china Germany and other major countries during WWII
  • Death of Hindenburg

    Death of Hindenburg
    On august 2nd 1934 Hindenburg the president of Germany died. After a couple hours Hitler changed his position from Chancellor to Fur which meant leader. The German army modified to take absolute obedience from Hitler.
  • The spanish civil war

    The spanish civil war
    The Spanish civil war was a test ground for the France Italy Germany. Francisco Franco asked Germany and Italy to come help him. Hitler agreed and sent large amounts of plains troops supplies Germanys new weapons were tested and tactics. Many tactics were tested. Italy also helped only to not be outdone by Hitler Italy in the end had sent more ground troops but contributes to the war. This war was looked at as a proxy war to WWII.
  • Japan invade china

    Japan invade china
    Japan captured the former capital of Beiping Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek deployed his best army to defend Shanghai, but after 3 month of fighting Shanghai fell. The Japanese continue to push the Chinese forces. Which eventually led the chinese usless during the time of WWII
  • Anschluss

    This was where Hitler invaded Austria. Some say Austria welcomed hitler in. In Austria most were for it. But what Hitler did is break the treaty of Versailles which was one of the causes of WWII
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    A conference scheduled for Adolf Hitler Neville Chamberlin Benito mussoliolini and Edouard Daladier. This was a treaty that was agreed on that Germany would not overstep there boundaries without risking a full war on Germany.
  • Japan and Germany Military trade

    Japan and Germany Military trade
    In 1939 right before WWII Japan and Germany signed agreements on military technological trade. This gave Japan and Germany a huge advantage as they could both accomplish more research in arms as they were sharing information.
  • Czechoslovakia

    Czechoslovakia gives up to German invasion.
    As agreed upon in the Non Aggression pact with Russia that Germany would take the sedated land and stop. It was also agreed that Russia will have the rest.Germany came back and took the rest though. This just added fuel to the fire and helped create WWII. This expanded the German empire and adding to their army and support. This made them a tougher empire to defeat.
  • The Non Aggression Pact

    The Non Aggression Pact
    The non aggression pact also known as the (German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact and the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.) was agreement decided on by the Soviet Union and Germany that they would not attack each other if there was a problem between the two countries. This agreement/ pact was agreed on for ten years and only lasted for two. This was fuel for World War II and lead to a lot of aggression towards Germany.
  • The start of WWII

    The start of WWII
    The beginning date of World War II is debating to the events of Germany before. The most widely excepted date is September 3rd 1939. This was the date that France and Britain declared war on Germany. (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa followed by 10 September). This was the begging of the end. The war to end all wars.
  • Early Shots

    Early Shots
    The first German U-Boat captured .The British destroyers forced the u boat to the surface with depth charges. After the U-boat had fired two torpedoes at the aircraft carrier Ark Royal. The U-boat was damaged and sank.This was Germany's first naval loss of the war.
  • The Battle of Britian

    The Battle of Britian
    The German air force invaded Britain and continuously dropped bombs on Great Britain. Almost everything was just blown up. Even though Britain won the battle Germany looked at as a victory for them they said they had accomplished what they wanted. What they wanted was to greatly weaken the Britain air force.