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  • Germany Declares War on Russia

    Germany Declares War on Russia
    After the assassination of Franz-Ferdinand (heir to Austria-Hungary throne), Germany had to help Serbia defend itself. The heir was killed by a Serbian nationalist and Kaiser (leader of Germany) promised German help in Serbia's war. Then, on August 3rd, a few days after, Germany declares was on France. Soon, others come to aid one another.
  • First Battle of Ypres

    First Battle of Ypres
    This was the last major battle of the first year of WWI. This war ended the 'Race to the Sea'. Germans cannot reach Calais and Dunkirk. British military's supply lines are now cut off, leaving them helpless. There is much destruction of 'The Old Contemptible'. This was a major loss for allies.
  • Christmas Truce

    Christmas Truce
    On Christmas eve and Christmas day, Western Front lines stopped their fighting. On that day, both sides of the war were celebrated. It was an 'unofficial Christmas Truce'. They even played ball together. Although this was something none of us expected, it did not stop the war. Fighting still began the next day with no end in sight.
  • Deathly Gas

    Deathly Gas
    For the first time in history, harmful gas is used in war. German fire large amounts of chlorine gas in battle. Allied fronts are severely damaged. The result was a near collapse of French soldiers. Even with this new weapon, German's still cannot take the breach.
  • Lusitania Sinks

    Lusitania Sinks
    A passenger ship was suddenly sunk by what Americans guess was a German submarine. There were 1,198 people on the ship and 128 were American. This created lots of propaganda in the United Stares, leading many to think about ending the war. People still don't exactly know what happened either and it's still debated about.
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    This was a nine hour artillery battle on the Western Front. In the beginning, the Germans advanced nicely. But, soon enough, French reinforcements strengthen defenses. This was one of the major battles in WWI and the longest. Almost a million causalities overall for Germany and France.
  • First Tanks Used

    First Tanks Used
    British build and use the first tanks in battle over in DelvilleWood. It was very good a breaking through things like barbed wire and clearing paths. Although it had some strengths, it failed to be a weapon that would decide who would win the battle/war. During this time, they were still in the works anyways.
  • Telegram Code Cracked

    Telegram Code Cracked
    The Zimmerman telegram was a message from Germany to Mexico, asking Mexico to help them and start a war with the U.S. Mexico declined, but the British decoded the arrangement and it spread to the U.S. Americans went into outrage. And it was one of the leading reasons we went to war on August 6th, 1917 on France's/Britain's side.
  • Germany and Russia Make a Peace Treaty

    Germany and Russia Make a Peace Treaty
    Germany decides to sign a peace treaty with Russia. In return, Germany gets large chunks of land that helps them. Soon, Germany sends soldiers to the western front with more ease. This causes a lot of problems with the other side of the war. Russia doesn't want anymore trouble.
  • Leonard Maunder goes to Europe

    Leonard Maunder goes to Europe
    Maunder (a college student) was an army man who went to Newport News, Virginia to go to Europe. Him and the rest of other army men got onto a board ship and sailed through Hampton Roads (Atlantic Ocean) to reach Brest, France. It took them 12 days in full to get there with destroyer ships all around them to keep them safe and sound. In America, they had just received lots of training and happy they were able to get a small break before going to Europe.
  • American Set-Up in France

    American Set-Up in France
    Maunder was placed at a place near the 'Base Section', which was near railroads and docks for ships. These ships and railroad cars held supplies that Leonard and other army-men would move together into their section. He worked in a warehouse for many days on end. Much of his work consisted of moving supplies and equipping soldiers with supplies for combat and the combat zone. He remembers people going in and out constantly, he barley got a break.
  • Extreme Fighting in Brest France

    Extreme Fighting in Brest France
    Near the railroads and the 'Base Section', Maunder remembers soldiers everywhere. Divisions were moving and hoping to get up to the front immediately to penetrate the sector. He remembers the heavy duty supplies that kept coming in and out for the people going to combat. Montcalm Verdun, he recalls, were very bloody battles with lots of hard work to keep up with the war.
  • Powerful Soldiers

    Powerful Soldiers
    At the 'Base Sector', Maunder remembers people talking and gossiping about how invincible the soldiers. He said that they had pushed through the hardest fighting, and broke through Verdun Pass. He was very excited, in his mind, the war would soon end. He had lots of faith and every battle we won, there was rejoice in his heart.
  • Has the War Ended?

    Has the War Ended?
    A few miles behind the lines, Maunder and his friends had heard the war ended. By the end of the day, they had learned it was a hoax that got out of hand. Although they new the end was near, Leonard was extremely tired of the hard work and was homesick, wishing to go back to school and get his degree. Soon enough, the war ended on the 11th of November, where he and many others celebrated by drinking and singing songs all night.
  • Armistice Day

    Armistice Day
    After many battles and problems with Germany (for example, BellenWood and St. Mihiel), Kaiser Wilhelm renounces his throne. Germany knows they will not win after that. This is the day WWI ends. Victory for Britain, France, U.S, etc.. No more fighting on the Western Front!
  • Period: to

    World War One