WWI Timeline Events

  • Machine guns

    Machine guns
    Who - the machine gun was made by Richard J. Gatling
    What - it is a automatic gun that shoot lots of rounds to push back enemies
    When - It was created in 1884
    Where - it was made at the Sons & Maxim Company in Great Britain
    Why - it was made to produce a high fire rate gun
    (Library of Congress Research Guides, 18 July 2022)
  • Radios

    Who - James Clerk Maxwell, Mahlon Loomis, Guglielmo Marconi built off each other eventually making the radio
    What - the radio is a wireless way of communication
    When - was created throughout 1886-1902
    Where - it was controlled by the U.S. so possibly mainly from there
    Why - to communicate easier on the battlefield either in loud spaces or far distances
    (Who invented Radio? November 2023)
  • Balkan Wars

    Balkan Wars
    Who - Balkan states and territory
    What - “two successive military conflicts that deprived the Ottoman Empire of all its remaining territory in Europe”
    When - happened from 1912–13
    Where - happened in parts of Europe
    Why - Because of revolution and change (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2023)
  • World War I begins

    World War I begins
    Who - Nations across the world
    What - a great war happened
    When - started in the year 1914
    Where - all across the globe
    Why - conflicts in and outside of nations ( Editors, 2021)
  • Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
    Who - Archduke Ferdinand was involved
    What -the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
    When - Happened on June 28 1914
    Where - Happened in Sarajevo, Bosnia
    Why - Tensions were high in european powers
    (Greenspan, 2020)
  • Russian Revolution

    Russian Revolution
    Who - Czar Nicholas II as ruler during the time
    What - Czar Nicholas II was shot and stabbed to death
    When - happened in July 1914
    Where - happened in Russia
    Why - “Ineffective leadership and a weak infrastructure during the war led to the demise of the Romanov dynasty.” led to the revolution (Kiger, 2021)
  • Zimmermann Note

    Zimmermann Note
    Who - Germany and mexico were involved
    What - germany made a secret proposal to mexico
    When - Happened in March 1, 1917
    Where - happened in germany and mexico
    Why - germany wanted alliance with mexico during the war (National WWI Museum and Memorial, 2023)
  • Lusitania sinks

    Lusitania sinks
    Who - Civilians on the British-owned steamship Lusitania
    What - German U-boat torpedoed the ship
    When - Happened on May 7, 1915
    Where - Happened Out in waters
    Why - “As word spread about Lusitania’s tragic fate, so did the outrage” things of war went out (McDermott, 2022)
  • Tanks

    Who - The tank was a prototype in development by great britain
    What - a machine with strong firepower, armor, and engine for mobility
    When - was made as a prototype on September 6, 1915
    Where - the tank was made in great britain
    Why - to have a strong, useful, and intimidating machine
    (HISTORY, 24 November 2009)
  • U.S. enters war

    U.S. enters war
    Who - The United States of America
    What - they joined sometime during WW1
    When - Happened in 1917
    Where - Happened in the U.S.
    Why - conflict with germany and mexico (National WWI Museum and Memorial, 2023)
  • Battle of Verdun

    Battle of Verdun
    Who - france and germany armies
    What - it was one of the worst wars
    When - happened in February 21–December 18, 1916
    Where - happened in Verdun
    Why - france was a big power and needed to be taken out (Bidou, 2023)
  • Battle of Gallipoli, Somme

     Battle of Gallipoli, Somme
    Who - British and French forces
    What - it was a long and crazy battle
    When - happened during 1 July and 18 November, 1916
    Where - happened on the Somme
    Why - they wanted a decisive victory (Imperial War Museums, 2023)
  • Armistice of WWI

    Armistice of WWI
    The main people involved in the Armistice was Germany’s Military and France/Belgium's Land.
    “gained them territory but exhausted their supplies and reinforcements”, This was Germany gaining land but losing stability and resources at the same time.
    The Armistice of WWI happened in 1918
    look place in France and Belgium
    “Allies pushed them back with the immensely successful ‘100 Days’ campaign” this campaign weakened their army causing a ceasefire to be proposed
    (Sawer, n.d.)
  • Russia withdraws from war

    Russia withdraws from war
    Who - Russia during WW1
    What - Russia left the war
    When - happened during March 1918
    Where - Happened in russia
    Why - Lots of factors including war and issues as a nation
    (History for Kids, 2023)
  • Battle of Argonne

    Battle of Argonne
    Who - happened between france and germany
    What - the battles of the Meuse-Argonne
    When - happened in September 26–November 11, 1918
    Where - happened in the Argonne Forest
    Why - france wanted to take out germany (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2023)
  • Battle of Chateau-Thierry

    Battle of Chateau-Thierry
    Who - the U.S. 42nd division national guard
    What - they went on their first major attack
    When - happened on July 14. 1918
    Where - happened at the Chateau-Thierry
    Why - to push offense on germany (Goldenberg, 2018)
  • The Treaty of Versailles signed

    The Treaty of Versailles signed
    Who - Places involved were Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom
    What - a treaty was signed on the war
    When - happened on June 28, 1919
    Where - “Palace of Versailles outside Paris, France” the treaty was signed
    Why - To bring peace to a five year war (National Geographic Society, 2023)
  • First meeting of the League of Nations

    First meeting of the League of Nations
    Who - different nations that came together were the first involved
    What - “was the first intergovernmental organization established “to promote international cooperation and to achieve international peace and security”.”
    When - Happened in 10 January 1920
    Where - Happened in Geneva
    Why - “renounced secret diplomacy, committed to reduce their armaments, and agreed to comply with international law” (United Nations, n.d.)