• assassination

    franz ferdinand was the guy who got assasinated. ne was the heir to the austria hungary empire. he was popular because he made it clear that he would make changes when he became emperor.
  • lusitania

    this ship was bound for liverpool. but it was sunk before reaching its destination. the sinking of this ship was thought to have a major impact on world war one
  • Election of 1916

    the democrat slogan "he kept us outta war" was not favored by wilson. on election night the results were muddled because of delays in election run. wilson won the election.
  • zimmerman notes

    notes sent from germany to mexico asking mexico to become allianced with germany. told mexico it would help get back usa. it was not germany asking mexico to attack us.
  • russian revolution

    the russian revolution was a major role in the baltic states of Estonia.it was also called the Bolshevik Revolution or the october revolution.
  • selective service act

    the selective service act was passed by the unites states congress. brought wilsons attenion shortly after the break with germany. the act was drafted by hugh johnson after the U.S entered the war.
  • war industries board

    was made during the first world war so that supplies for the war would be able to purchase easily.
  • 14 points

    a speech given by woodrow wilson. it was givin to a joint session of congress. it was givin 10 motnhs before the armistice with germany.
  • espionage and sedition act

    These criminalizations of certain forms of expression, belief, and association resulted in the prosecution. the espionage act reacted quickly following the U.S declaration of war on Germany.
  • armistice

    the final allied pushed towards the german border. at 5 in the morning armistice was singned. putting an end to the war
  • Schenck vs U.S

    expressed that people do not have the first admendment right to express freedom of speech against the draft in ww1
  • treaty of versailles

    was one of the treaties that ended the war.it ended the start of the war between germany and the allied powers. it was signed five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.