• Prince Max von Baden

    Prince Max von Baden
    He was the chancellor during the final few months of the war. When Kaiser Welhem lost control, Prince Max temporarily assumed leadership. He also played a major role in the arranging of the armistice.
  • Franz Ferdinand Assasination

    Franz Ferdinand Assasination
    Franz was heir to the Austria-Hungary throne when he was assassinated. This event triggered WW
  • Lord Kitchener calls for 100,000 men to join British Army

    Lord Kitchener calls for 100,000 men to join British Army
    Lord Kitchener, the war minister, immediately began a recruiting campaign by calling for men aged between 19 and 30 to join the British Army. Kitchener raised the recruiting age to 35 and by the middle of September over 500,000 men had volunteered their services.
  • Battle Of Mons

    Battle Of Mons
    British soldiers engage German soldiers. The BEF was heavily outnumbered but managed to do alright
  • 1st Battle of Ypres

    1st Battle of Ypres
    Also known as the race to the sea. Both armies were racing for a strategic position.
  • Germany declares a submarine blockade

    Germany declares a submarine blockade
    Germany declares a submarine blockade of Great Britain. Any ship approaching England is considered a legitimate target.
  • 2nd Battle of Ypres

    2nd Battle of Ypres
    The first use of Poison gas in ww1 was in this battle.
  • Germans

    The Germans end their offensive against the Russians having forced Russia out of much of Poland. The Gallipoli debacle ends, with the Turkish siege of the remaining Allied forces.
  • General Sir Douglas Haig

    General Sir Douglas Haig
    Takes Field Marshal Sir John French's position as Commander-in Chief of the British Forces in France. This also gave him control of the Canadian Forces in Europe.
  • President Wilson

     President Wilson
    launches a nationwide whistle-stop campaign to generate support for Preparedness and the Continental Army with three speeches in New York
  • President Wilson

    President Wilson
    Delivers his final speech of Preparedness in Saint Louis
  • Black Tom Island

    Black Tom Island
    The Black Tom Island munitions plant is destroyed by an explosion. It is suspected that it was German sabotage
  • Battle of Somme

    Battle of Somme
    British lost 1/3 of their men on the first day of battle. 58,000 which is still a record today.
  • America Enters the War

    German submarines were sinking American merchant ships. Even though America was neutral.
  • 3rd Battle of Ypres

    3rd Battle of Ypres
    35 men died for every meter that was gained.
  • Russia's exit from WW1

    Russia's exit from WW1
    Russia exits WW1 to focus on government problems