WW2 pd.4 american history

  • washington conference

    the washington conference was also known as washington arms conference which was called by the administarion of president Warren G. Harding and was held in washington, D.C. from november 12 1921 all the way until febuary 6th 1922. this conference was accompanied outside of the authority of the league of nations, 9 nationsl had attended with the inteterests on the pacific ocean and east asia. the washington conference was the first international conference held in all of the U.S.
  • japan invades manchuria

    the japanese invasion of manchuria had begun on September 19, 1931. Manchuria was invaded by Kwantung army of the empire of japan exactly following the Mukden incident.japan invaded manchuria mainly because they had alot of natural resources and they had more free acres of land that japan wanted to use for their growing population.
  • hitler takes power

    once hitler felt unsatisfied with being only a chancellor he decided to declare himself as fuhrer also. Fuhrer gives him the power to rule and to control. Eventually he basically brainwashed the german people.
  • neutrality act 1935

    the neutrality act of 1935 was signed on Aug.31, 1935 this declared that american people who were traveling on warning ships traveled at their own risk.
  • mussolini attacks ethiopia

    Ehtiopia had refused Italies attack during the 1800s and it made mussolini angry. Mussoli eventually firced an attack on ethiopia. Mussolini had successfully conquered Ethiopia. the league of nations, Britain and France had ignored their request of help inorder to try and to keep the European peace.
  • neutrality act of 1936

    this neutrality act was passed in february of 1936. This act is basically rejuvenates the redowment of the 1935 act for another 14 months. This act also forbids all loans and credits to waging wars.
  • the rhineland rearmed

    hitler demanded that his troops should opnely reenter or reconsider the rhineland which is basically breaking the terms of versallies again. Hitler ordered his general that the troops should consider retreating out of rhineland when the french show so much of a hint of making a military stand against him (which didn't occur). more than 32,000 soldiers and armed policemen crossed over to rhineland.
  • spanish civil war begins

    july 1936 is when hostility broke loose and this led to the spanish civil war. the military leadership of general franco who had revolted against the spanish government, known as the republican and this war had became another big piece of the world war 2.
  • japan invades china

    japan captured the present or former capital of beiping gweneralissimo chiang kai shek deployed his best army to defend shanghai, but after 3 months of fighting, shanghai failed. the japenese continue to push the chinese forces.
  • austria annexed

    austria was anneaxed and keenedon to the german third reich on march 1, 1938. there was several years of intense pressure from both austria and germany (by nazis and non-nazis) due to the "heim ins reich" movement. germany supported the austrian national socialists party and the bid to seize power from the austria's austrofascist leadership.
  • munich pact

    Germany, France, Britain and Italy signed the munich pact, which gave Germany permission to invade the Sudeten territories of Czechoslavia.
  • sudentenland occupied

    sudentenland was occupied by germany in oct. 1938, which had,had 3,000,000 german speaking citizens. hitler didnt want to invade sudentenland until he was absoulutely certain that france or great britain wouldnt intervene.
  • czechoslovakia annexed

    germany had begun with then nazi annexation pf the czechoslovakia's northen and western border regions,and is jalso known as sudentenland, and then under tems that were frameworked by the manich agreement. Adolf hitler's excuse for this effort was the assumed privations sufford by the ethnic german populations living in those regions.
  • china incident

    • shanghai had failed.their capital was captured and was kept as prisoners. the japanese continue to push chinese forces.
    • after nankings fail, the capital of the chinese republic, japanese troops murdered hunderedof thousands and maybe millions of civilians and continuously raped about 20,000 of women and girls.this incident becamem known as the "rape of nanking".