WW2 timeline

By nolan m
  • Hilter becomes chancellor

    This timeline begins when Adolf Hitler began taking over or becoming chancellor in 1933 all the way to 1939 when Germany invades Poland.
  • German parilament

    Hitler takes control of the german parliament 1933
  • Hilter rebuilds Germany military

    Hitler is appointed chancellor in 1933 by president Hindenburg. 1933 Hitler pulls Germany out of the league of nations the other countries were scared and nervous about why he pulled up. Hitler rebuilds the military in 1935 this is when Hitlerś's first act of breaking the treaty of Versailles.
  • Germany enters the Rhineland

    The treaty of Versailles says that the Rhineland is to be demilitarized in 1936 Hitler and his rebuild army broke another rule of the treaty of Versailles and enters this land but on ones does anything about it for this circumstance is that if they try to do something they will start a war and they don't want that also the great depression had a great deal.
  • Germany annexes Austria

    On march 12 1938 Germany annexes austria to the reich.
    Germany once again broke the traety of versaiiles.
  • Sudetenland

    Germany has had its eyes on this land for a while. This land is a piece of territory that borders Germany it's actually in the country of Czechoslovakia. Germany Italy Britain and France meet in Munich to discuss this land. The reason why Hitler wanted this land was that most of Germany lived in this area. Hitler lies at this meeting about invading more places.
  • non aggression pact

    August 23 1939 Aitler and Stalin sign the non aggression pact promising to never fight each other agreement also set up how Eastern Europe was divided
  • Germany invades Poland

    September 1 1939 germany invaldes Poland.
    September 3 Britain and France declare war on Germany
    September 17 1939 Soviet Union invaldes astern Poland
  • Canada declares war

    Canada declares war on Germany - the first and only time Canada has declared war on another country on its own. September 14, 1939: The Prime Minister, William Lyon MacKenzie King, declares that Canada should be the arsenal of the Allies and pledges not to institute conscription.