WW1 timeline project

  • Assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    Assination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    On june 14 1914, Archduck Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in his car
  • WWI

    War was declared and countries like great Britian, France, Germany and Russia joined the war
  • Trench war fare

    Trench war fare
    The trench Warfare was a fighting style where soldiers dug into the ground for safety. The trenches were hard and soldiers often got sick or died due to terrible living conditions. these trenches were all in the east and western front. They were about 6-8 feet deep and were dug from the English channel to Switzerland
  • christmas truce of 1914

    christmas truce of 1914
    In December of ww1, the British, french and German troops made an unofficial cease fire to exchange Christmas greetings. It ended shortly after the troops were commanded to stop
  • 2nd battle of marne

    2nd battle of marne
    This battle was the result of the biggest German offensive. It was the first in a series of allied victories after German successes
  • Sinking of the lustiania

    Sinking of the lustiania
    Germans sent a submarine torpedoed at the Lustiania that was traveling from New York to Britian
  • Period: to

    Battle of verdun

    The battle of verdun was the bloodiest battle in ww1. Germans used total war to destroy french morale
  • Battle of somme

    Battle of somme
    This was the largest battle and the most bloodiest battle of ww1, 57,000 British casualties have died in this battle.
  • Battle of Jutland

    Battle of Jutland
    This battle was the largets Navy battle of ww1 between Britain and Germany, It involved 250 ships and about 100,000 men.
  • Period: to

    Russian revolution

    Russia withdrew from the war because of the revolution, they launched an attack on the western front in march of 1918, they lost 400,000 troops.
  • America enters the war

    America enters the war
    America joing the war helped made a defeat on Germany
  • Vimy Ridge

    Vimy Ridge
    This battle was fought by the Canadians and the Germans. Canada took about 4000 prisoners and lost about 3,000 troops
  • 3rd battle of ypres

    3rd battle of ypres
    the 3rd battle of Ypres was fought by the allies and the Germans. General Sir Douglas Haig planned a major event to break through Ypres salient which had been occupied by the allies since 1914
  • The battle of cambrai

    The battle of cambrai
    This was the first battle to use tanks
  • The official end of WW1

    The official end of WW1
    WW1 officially ended on the 11th day of the 11th month. The treaty of Versailies. Germany took the blame for WW1 and more countries were created after that.