• Assassination ofARch Duke Franz Ferdinand

    The Arch Duke and his wife, Sophie of Austria, Hungary, visitied to Sarajevo, capital of Austria, Hungary and were gunneddown by a terrorist. Although, his assassination sparked the outbreak of WorldWar One, theconflict had deeper causes.
  • President Woodro Wilson's Appeal for Neutrality

    Woodrow Wilson has a message for congress. Wilson urged Americans to be unbiased towards the european war.Wilson"s decision is to stay out of war. Amercans where pleased about his deision.
  • germany challenged the british blockade

    Their where submerian attacks and use of new deadly wepons such as the u boat. The German's hoped to breakthe british blockade. They also hoped to stop all supplies from reacing there allies.
  • germanys threat to great britain

    german emperial embacy states that any ship traveling the atlantic is layable to the destruction. If travels sailing in the war zone are flying vessals with flags of great britian or any of their allies.
  • the secratrey of state writes to germany gerard

    The secratery of state writersto germany gerard that german athoritys arein aviolation of the american rights on highseas. this was regarding the sinking of the british steam shipcontaining united states citizens.
  • britian receved a note in code by a german minister arther zimmmerman

    a note was sent to mexico but britan had intersepted it and decoded it. the note was writen to mexico by Zimmerman. Zimmerman had said that if the USA got involved in the war mexico and germany should become allies.
  • Robert M. address

    senater Robert M. addresses the senate. He states that the U.S. can no longer stayout of war.He gives to options on how to deal with great britain.