By nicolag
  • The use of Submarines

    because the sea was such a vital part of transportation and poeple and supplies.
    german submarines nicknamed u-boats which was short for uterseeboote (undersea boats)
  • Assassination

    archduke franz ferdinandwas assassinatedalong with his wife in june of 1914. this was a major problem because he was the heir to the austo-hugarian throne. a seribia natonilist student named gavrilo pricip was the assassinator.
  • Period: to


    a timeline of events from WW.
  • serbia

    austria-hungary delared war on serbia in july of 1914
  • Declaratioln of War

    germany decalares war on russia and france.
  • britain declares war!

    britain declares war on germany on august 4th 1914.
  • Australia recruits

    Australia begins to recuit an army to send away to fight in gallipoli
  • turkey enters the war

    turkey entered the war on the side on germany.
  • australia's promises

    australia had promised britain wiht the supply of 20000 men by the end of 1914 but around 50000 men actually signed up by the end of 1914
  • The gallipoli Campaign

  • Australia in Action

    Australia goes into battle at gallipoli
    by the end of the day there werfe over 2000 men dead.
    a fact not widely kn own is that more english men died than australian
  • German Ships

    the german ship sunkthe lusitania a passenger ship killing 1198 passengers including 128 americans.
    america provided inderect support by trading supplies across the atlantic ocean. the deaths were a result of the germans stopping this by the use of submarines.
  • Soldiers Left

    australian soldiers left gallipoli to hide the fact they were leaving the set up rigged rifles to go off and shot randomly using water, tins and string.
  • consricption

    the first referendum on conscription was held on 28 of october in 1916. the policy of conscriptioon was that it was comulsary to sign up for war , not everyone agreed with this whiuch is why the referendum was held
  • First aeroplane raid

    the first air aid on london made by germany. they hoped that by attacking london the london ar force would have to defend their home country rather than attacking germanys air fore
  • USA entered the war

    the United States of America first involment in European conflicts.
    More than 2 million soldiers battled in frnace.
    Many US soldiers wanted to remain neutral and did not want to join the fight but they eventually did.

    The communist revolution happened in russia in october 1917
  • winter palace

    one of the key oarts of russain revoluiton in the storming of the winter place in saint petersburg in 1917
  • The End

    the war finally ends with the armistice and then was made peranent woht the signing of the treaty of versailes the folowing year.
  • signing of aristice

    the signing of the armistice was the temperory cease fire of the war and marked thge beginging of the end of the war. the signing was between allie and germany
  • european empires

    many european empires dissapeared after the war including the russina tsra,a ustria-hungary ande turkey.
  • paris peace conference

    the paris peace conference was held to decide the fate of Germany
  • treaty of versailles

    the treaty of versailles was signed on28 of jun e1919 and offically ended WW1 and forced germany to take all responsbility for starting conflict.