wrold war 2

  • president roosevelt

    president roosevelt
    there can be no objection to any hand our goverment may take which strives to bring peace to the world so long as that hand dose not tie 130,000,000 people into another world death march.
  • family in war

    family in war
  • started in

    started in
  • heavy fighting around boulogne

    heavy fighting around boulogne
    units of the grerman 6th army cross the scheldt river at oudenarde in belgiun. sir oswald mosly and other british fascists arrested.76 ira men arrested in north ireland
  • japan had rampaged through the pacific

    japan had rampaged through the pacific
    and swallowing up a huge area ranging northward from the solomon islands northeast of australia
  • american naval

    and marine forces began a two-pronged counter-attack against japan. one prong jutted into the south pacific landing us forces on the jungle-covered island of guadalcanal.
  • after six months of bitter fighting guadalcanal fell

  • end of world war 2

    end of world war 2