Wrestling history

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  • The frist real type of wrestling

    The frist real type of wrestling
    Jean Exbrayat made the first type of wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling that uses a lot of throws.
  • NWT

    first ever organized national wrestling championship, held in New York
  • new style

    new style
    A new form of wrestling was made called freestyle wrestling. and the first wrestling competition of the modern Olympics Games.
  • GOLD

    George Dole won a US Olympic gold metal fro the United States
  • college wrestling

    college wrestling
    the first NCAA Wrestling championship
  • headgear

    headgear started to become popular is was invented in the 1920 but it was a rare sight to see some one wear one, until the 1950's
  • USA wrestling

    USA wrestling
    USA wrestling became the national govern body for a wrestling amateur
  • 4xer

    the first ever 4x NCAA wrestling champion was Pat Smith in 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1994. He wrestled at Oklahoma State, there are only 5 people that has every became a 4xer
  • Woman's wrestling

    Woman's wrestling
    the Olympic Games now included women's wrestling
  • New from of wrestling

    New from of wrestling
    beach wrestling is new way of wrestling. you do it in sand and they have different rules then any other type of wrestling
  • Biggest upest in NCAA wrestling hsitory

    Biggest upest in NCAA wrestling hsitory
    Purdue's Matt Ramos beat Spencer Lee of Iowa( 125lbs ). Spencer was a 3 time national champ, that was prospected to win the national title this year. Ramos pinned Lee in the 3rd period with 2 second left of the Semi finals