Worldview Time Line

Timeline created by managroth
  • -325 BCE

    Greek Classical Period

    Greek Classical Period
    This is a picture of the Parthenon. It represents Greece's greatest contributions to architecture.
  • 476

    Medieval period

    Medieval period
    This art represents how the church in the Medieval period was the center of life, and if you did not comply then you where a heretic.
  • 1300

    Renaissance Period

    Renaissance Period
    I chose the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, because he led the rebirth of art and engineering.
  • Classical Period

    Classical Period
    This picture represents all of the great composers of this time period like Mozart.
  • Enlightenment Period

    Enlightenment Period
    This is a painting of all the great thinkers during this time period, like Voltaire, Locke, and Rousseau.
  • Romanticism Period

    Romanticism Period
    This painting is by Caspar David Friedrich from Germany. This painting shows the imagination and emotions of that time period.
  • Victorian era

    Victorian era
    This Painting of Queen Victoria is perfect for the Victorian era because its named after her.
  • Modernism

    Modernism was a time of great advancement, but also a time of war. This painting is by Paul Nash, and shows the landscape after the first world war.
  • Postmodernism

    This period contraindicated some of the modern period. I chose this painting of Marilyn Monroe because she was the icon of movies during this time period.