World War One

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    World War 1

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    the archduke was killed by the black fist which caused the austrians justice from serbia.
  • Austria hungary

    Austria-Hungary repeatedly invades Serbia but is repeatedly repulsed
  • Russians move

    Rhussia moves into Germany.
  • Outbreak

    Outbreak of war - Germany declares war on Russia
  • war from germany

    Germany declares war on France
  • nuteral

    US President Woodrow Wilson declares policy of US neutrality
  • tannenberg

    Battle of Tannenberg, which Russia loses; Germany's greatest success of the war on Eastern Front
  • Marne

    First Battle of Marne, halts German advance, resulting in stalemate and trench warfare
  • race to sea

    The "race to the sea", trenches appear on September 15
  • turks

    the turks joined the central powers.
  • Christmas

    Unofficial Christmas truce declared by soldiers along the Western Front
  • Poison Gas

    First germany and then the allies started using the poisonous gases.
  • Allies

    the allies snet masive force of British, Indian australian and new zealander troops to attempt to open up the strait.
  • gallopi

    Allied forces make landings an Gallipoli, Turkey
  • amphibious

    Allied amphibious attack on the Dardanelles and Gallipoli (initiated by Winston Churchill, who resigns as a consequence) ends with the Turkish siege of the Allied forces
  • dardenelles

    after 10 months and more than 200,000 casualties the allies finally withdrew from the dardenelles.
  • arabs

    the arabs had a nationalist revold against the ottomans.
  • verdun

    German attack on Verdun in the longest battle of the war, ultimately defended by the French at great cost to both sides
  • jutland

    Battle of Jutland, the biggest naval battle in history, ultimately without a clear victor
  • Carpathis

    Russian Brusilov offensive in Carpathia nearly knocks Austria-Hungary out of the war
  • british support

    With British support (led by T.E. Lawrence), Hussein, grand sherif of Mecca, lead an Arab revolt against the Turks in the Hejaz
  • tanks

    Tanks introduced for the first time on the Somme battlefield by the British
  • david loyd

    David Lloyd George replaces Asquith as British Prime Minister
  • end of war

    the war ended