world war one

By bellaus
  • great migration

    great migration
    large scale movement of southern blacks to northern cities to escape the jim crow south
  • allies vs. central powers

    allies vs. central powers
    the allies consited of france, britain,russia. central powers consited of germany,austria/hugery,italy
  • four main causes of world war one

      four main causes of world war one
    four main cuases of world war 1causes of world war one imperialism-
    a policy of extending a country's power and influence ,militarism- the belief or desire of a government or people that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.,alliance system- is where two or more countries become allies to go against other countries,nationalionalism-
  • trench warfare

    trench warfare
    armies fought for ground for over three years. fighting was devastating
  • election of 1916

    election of 1916
    woodrow wilson with the argument of trying to keep us out of war
  • zimmerman note

    zimmerman note
    telegram from germany to mexico purposeing and alliance that if war broke out germany would support mexico
  • wib

    this board encouraged companies to use mass production to increase efficiency and eliminate waste
  • selective sevice act

    this act required men to register for the military service
  • league of nations

    wilsons plan to have nations talk about and try to settle there problems without going to war
  • treaty of versailles

    treaty of versailles
    created nine new nations barred germany from haveing an army and made them pay for war damages. it hilmiliated germany people thought it was too harsh.
  • armistice

    germany agreed cease/fire and signed a truths to end the war
  • schenck vs us

    schenck vs us
    schenck vs. usschenck was convicted of sudition sent to prison claiming the draft was like slavery
  • final statistics

    final statistics
    final statisticsover fifteen million deaths $185,533,637,000 dallors