World War II

  • Hitler's appointed

    Hitletr appointed Chancellor
  • Germany

    Germany quits league
  • USSR

    US reconignzes USSR
  • USSR league

    USSR joins a league
  • French

    French viet alliance
  • Alliance

    So vietcech alliance
  • 1 Major Event

    Germany reoccupies Rhineland
  • France

    France begins to rearm
  • 2 major event

    Anschulus with Austria
  • 3 major event

    munich agreement
  • 4 major event

    Germany occupies with Bo hernia and Moravia
  • Guarantess

    UK and French gurantees to Poland
  • Pact

    Moloto v- Ribbentrop Pact
  • 5 major event

    Hitler attacks Poland
  • Destroyer Agreement

    Us and UK have a destroyer agreement
  • Lend-Lease

    US authorizes Lend-Lease
  • 6 major event

    Hitler invades the USSR
  • World War II

    Germany delcares war on US
  • Surrender

    Germany surrenders to the US
  • Hitlers death

    hitler died from illness