World War I

  • Assassination of Francis Ferdinand

    Assassinated in Sarajevo Bosnia by the Black Hand. Important because it was was the dominoe that started the First World War.
  • The Schlieffen Plan

    Germany declared war on Russia.
    Germany's military leader Alfred von Schlieffen designed so that Germany could take Russia and France out of the war. imoortant because one week after the schlieffen plan went into actio, the great powers of europer were divided into sides .
  • New Machinery

    New weapons such as mustard gas, tanks and airplanes were invented during the World War I era. important because it provided good protection and they were easy to use.
  • Zimmerman Note

    a note sent by germany to Mexico saying they would give american land to Mexico in return for their alliance. Important because it brought America into the war.
  • Russian Revolution of 1917

    Nicholas II was abdicated from the thrown by the Bolsheviks. important because it slowed down the movement of the Nations move toward the war. because there was concern of being nation with an autocrat.
  • The Selective Service Act

    SSA was created to enlargen the US Army. important because the act got many men to enlist in the army and the army nearly tripled during the war.
  • Fourteen Points

    President Woodrow Wilson had hoped that the world could be 'safe for every peace-loving nation that wishes to live its own life. important because Fourteen Points dealt with a variety of isssues related to keeping peace after war.
  • Paris Peace Conference

    held in 18 January of 1919 to discuss peace. important because it was to establish the terms of the peace after World War.