World War II

  • Period: to

    World War II-Avis

  • Adolf Hitler becomes the leader of the Nazi party

    Hitler told Germans they were a master race, designed to rule over everyone else.
  • Benito Mussolini appointed Prime Minister of Italy

    Mussolini turned Italy isto a fascist state. Mussolini ended freedom of press and banned all political parties but his own. Critics were jailed or murdered. In schools kids recited the motto "Mussolini is always right."
  • Josef Stalin sole dictator of the Soviet Union (USSR)

    Stalin turned the Soviet Union into a totalitarian state. An estimated four million Soviets were killed or imprisoned on false charges of disloyalty to the state.
  • Japan’s Army seizes Manchuria, China

    The Japanese army seized Manchuria without the approval of the Japanese government. The League of Nations protested but didn't take action.
  • Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany

    Once in power Hitler quickly created a Totalitarian state. All other parties were outlawed. Jewish communities were attacked.
  • Neutrality Acts passed by US Congress

    The Neutrality Act forbade the president from giving assistance of any kind to any nation involved in war.
  • Italian Army invades Ethiopia in Africa

    The Ethiopians fought bravely but were no match for Italy's modern tanks and airplanes. The League of Nations was of no help, and Ethiopia fell to the invaders.
  • Militarist take control of Japanese Government

    The militarists said that the Japanese were superior to other Asians as well as non-Asians.
  • Hitler sends troops into Rhineland of Germany in violation of the Versailles Treaty

    German armies then occupied Austria. The European democracies did nothing to stop Hitler. He then tried to invade Czechoslovakia.
  • Japan’s army pillages Nanjing, China; massacre a quarter of a million people.

    For six weeks the Japanese army pillaged Nanjing, China, and more than a quarter of a million civilians and prisoners of war were massacred.
  • Munich Pact signed giving Sudetenland to Germany

    Britain and France agreed to let Hitler take Sudetenland, and Hitlet promised not to take any more territory.
  • Nazis begin rounding up Jews for labor camps

  • Nazi-Soviet Pact signed by Hitler and Stalin

    The bitter enemies agreed not to attack one another's countries, and they decided to split Poland.
  • Nazis invade Poland; Britain and France declare war on Germany

    The Nazis and the Soviet Union invade Poland. Stalin's forces also invaded Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Britain and France declared war on Germany.
  • Nazis invade Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium

    Hitler's armies seemed unstoppable. The went to invade Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, and then moved into France.
  • Germany invades France and forces it to surrender

    Despite France and Britain defending France, the German army entered France and marched into Paris. Barely six weeks later, Hitler happily accepted France's surrender.
  • Battle of Britain – Royal Air Force defeats German Air Force to prevent invasion of their island

    The prime minister of England refused to give up against Hitler. They kept fighting through the summer and by then, Hitler gave up all plans to invade England.
  • First time Peacetime Draft in US

  • Hitler breaks Pact Russia and invades - USSR which now joins England in fighting the Germans

    A huge German force crossed into the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union and England joined forces against Germany.