World War II

  • German-Soviet Non-aggressive pact

    The pact was signed and not to attack each other (German-Soviet). Soviet got some lands which is parts of Poland and Baltic states.
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invaded Poland with over 1.5 million German troops.
  • US declares Neutrality

    The US stayed as a natural to desire Isolationism.
  • Hitler declares victory over Poland

    The invasion was long over a month ,and Germany and Russia divided Poland into 3 parts. (The Soviet Union,Lithuania,Slovakia. It was the beginning of WWII in Europe.
  • German U-boat sinks HMS royal

    HMS royal was torpedoed by German U-boat when it was anchored at Scapa Flow Orkney, Scotland.
  • USSR expelled from League of Nation

    The Soviet union invaded Finland on 30 oct so that they were expelled from the League of Nation
  • Japan established puppet governement in Nangking

    Japanese conquered Nangking and established its own government.
  • German Invades Denmark and Norway

    German warships entered Norway with thousands of troops and also enter to Denmark.
  • German invades Holland,Belgium and Luxemourg

  • Italy declares war in Britain and French

    Bentino Mussolini, dictator of Italy. The President Frabklin d.Rossevelt promises to support Britain and French.
  • The German troops enter Paris

    They enters Paris and announces that they ocuupy Paris
  • Soviet Union takes over Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia

    Soviet reoccupied Baltic states.
  • First RAF ( British Air Force ) Air raid on Berlin

    German bombs falled in London,so the British air force attacks over Berlin by bombing.
  • Italy forces invade Egypt

    Mussolini's forces cross Libya border to Egypt. It was their plan to gain Roman Power again.
  • Italy invades of Greece

    Mussolini's troops invaded Greece.
  • German first air raids on London

    German attacks London city by firebomb. Hundreds of fire caused by the exploding bombs.