World War II

  • Benito Mussolini

    When Mussolini was a young boy he was a socialist, but during the war he started to lean toward nationalism. The Fascist party was created in 1919 by Benito. During the March of Rome on October 30th, 1922 he was titled the leader of Italy.
  • Joesph Stalin- First Five year plan

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  • Period: to

    Italian invasion of Ethiopia

    Under Mussolini, Italy successfully invaded Ethiopia and took their land. This was a conflict between the Fascists Italy and Ethiopia
  • Period: to

    The Holocaust

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  • Occupation of the Rhineland

    The occupation of the Rhineland was against the Versailles treaty because German soldiers invaded the Rhineland. This was the first time Hitler made an illegal act.
  • Period: to

    The Spanish Civil War

    The Spanish Civil War was a battle between two warring groups in spain. The nationalists were given help from the Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.On the other hand the Soviet union helpd the republicans during the battle.
  • Formation of the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis

    The Anti- Comintern Pact was signed by the German Reich and Japan.There were many more agreements that created this Axis.
  • Air raid on Guernica

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  • The Anschluss

    The Anschluss was when Germany annexed Austia into the German reich. A lot of people that were against Hitler were arrested during this time.
  • Munich Conference

    Hitler wanted to gain control of czechslavakia, so he started the Munich conference. Representatives from UK, France, and Italy were part of the Munich conference. They signed an agreement to allow Germany to annex the sudentennland, as long as Hitler did not invade anywhere else.
  • Adolf Hitler - Kristallnacht

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  • Annexation of Czechoslovakia

    Hitler wanted the sudentenland in Germany and leave the rest of Czechoslavakia weak. The annexation began in the northern and Western parts of Czechoslavakia.
  • Francisco Franco

    Franco was one of the main reason for the army's win in the Spanish Civil War. He was begining to get realized as the head of the state by other countires. In April, 1939 America recognized Francisco Franco as the head of Spain.
  • Nazi Soviet Pact

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  • Invasion of Poland

    Hitler deciding to invade Poland was very risky because his German army was not fully strong. The germans started shooting at the Polish Garrison.
  • Neville Chamberlin

    Between the years 1937 and 1940 Neville was the British Prime Minister. When Hitler invaded Poland, Chamberlin came back by starting a war against Germany. Neville Chamberlin retired and served as lord president of the council
  • Fall of France

    Germany air raided Holland and Belgium to start.Then the Germans took over the Belgian fort. France and Britain tried to fight back but they were overpowerd and pushed back
  • Winston Chruchill

    Winston was the British Prime minister during World War II and he defeated Nazi Germany and the axis powers.Winston wanted the government to be more pro-active against hitler
  • Formation of the Vichy France

    France was split into two seperate parts. One half was under German control and the other was controlled by France. The capital became known as vichy and it was a German ally. However, it was supposed to be neautral
  • Formation of the "Free French"

    The Free French was caused by the formation of the Vichy France. The people fought against German people in France. They worked on getting rid of the Nazi party.
  • Battle of Britain

    The German air forces tried to gain air superiority over the RAF. They were not able to accomplish their goal. The Battle of Britain prevented Germany from invading Britain.
  • Operation of Barbarossa

    The operation of Barbarossa was the invasion of Russia by the Nazis. This operation by the Nazis was an attack based on Blitzkrieg. The attack was also very big and was the largest during World War II
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

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  • Battle of Midway

    This battle was fought over the U.S mid-pacific based at Midway atoll. U.S Navy Aviators destroyed four Japanese fleet ships during the battle. Both the U.S and the Japanese Navies must have used Sonar. This is because sonar helps indicate where subarines are in the water
  • Period: to

    Battle of Stalingrad

    This battle was the turning point in World War II for Europe. This battle hurt the German army. It sent them going in retreat because they were not strong enough to fight.
  • El Alamein

    The battle of El Alamein was the British against the Germans. The Axis and Allied forcers were alwas competing for the North African Dessert. The British were preparing and when they were ready Britain attacked Germany.
  • D-Day

    The event during World War II known as D-Day was when France took back what Germany took during the formation of Vichy. Many allied troops went to Normandy, France on the beaches and fought Germany.
  • Charles De Gaulle

    During World War II De Gaulle was the leader of the "Fee French. France was influenced by Charles' ideology Gaullism. In August he was given a heros' welcome in the capital of France.
  • Erwin Rommel- Death Date

    Erwin Rommel was a very powerful German leader during World War II. He was known as the "Desert Fox" and he fought during D-day and El Alamein. Erwin got his nickname because he was very successful in the North African Deserts.Rommel was appointed the Atlantic wall commander by Hitler.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    This event started the end of the war, The battle of the Bulge involved Germany, and it was the last thing Hitler took part in before he commited suicide. Hitler decided to attack the allies, Britain, France, and America. He did this to try and break up their alliance.
  • Iwo Jima

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  • V-E Day

    This was the day Germany surrendered from World War II. Also Hitler commited suicide on V-E day. Finally, for Europe this was the end of the war.
  • Decision to use Atomic Weapons

    An atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima by the United States. The descision was made by president Truman and nobody else. Japan was warned but Japan denied it. The United States and Truman needed to use radar in their planes to know where to drop the bombs.
  • V-J Day

    This was the day that Japan finally surrendered to the Allies. Also on September 2nd a peace treaty was signed on th U.S.S, Missouri. Total war was finally came to an end.