World War II

  • First Saturday Surprise

    First Saturday Surprise
    Afolph Hitler announces that he will be reinstituting the German Air force, formulating a new draft and remilitarizing his beloved country. According to Hitler, these sudden "defense" measures are taken so that Germany can find peace, happieness and serentity.
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  • Second Saturday Surprise

    Second Saturday Surprise
    Nazi forces invade the Rhineland region, Germany's industrial and economic heart, with assistance from the newly formed Air Force providing support from overhead. France and England refuse to attack Hitler's sub-par army, as the Nazi's easily reclaim this 31 mile territory by simply ignoring the Treaty of Versailles. (Reading 1)
  • Taking Austria

    Taking Austria
    After Adolph Hitler allies himself with Benito Mussolini in Italy, the Fuhrer kidnapps Austrian Prime Minister Kurt von Schuschnigg, and ruthlessly forces him to surrender his nation for the benefit of a "Greater Germany". Hitler then ignored an impending national vote to determine the matter. Instead he invaded his native homeland on March 11, in order to "restore order in a chaotic country" before the votes could be counted. (Reading 2)
  • Appeasing Hitler

    Appeasing Hitler
    In 1938, there was suspicion that many Czechoslovakian Nazis were going to revolt against their Eastern European nation, causing great levels of political tension. Many of these men espressed clear desire to return to the Fascist cause. Although France and Russia vowed to safeguard the Czechs, Prime Minister Nevill Chamberlan of Britain appeased Adolph Hitler instead of stopping this dangerous conflict. (Reading 4)
  • German Occupation of Czechoslovakia

    German Occupation of Czechoslovakia
    In March of 1939, Adolph Hitler occupied all of Czechoslovakia, as the wordl's major political leaders remained silent to these unauthorized acts of violence. This was except for Great Britain and France, who vowed to protect Poland if war ensued there. Teddy Roosevelt on the other hand issued a list of 30 countries he asked the Nazi troops not to invade. Adolph Hitler however, was stubborn. (Reading 9)
  • 3 Day Polish Raid

    3 Day Polish Raid
    On August 31, 1939, a group of Fascist soldiers brought concentration camp inmated to a Polish village called Gleiwitz, where the prisoners were attired in Polish military garb, and then murdered. The following morning, German stormtroopers took over their Eastern neighbor and reeked havoc on the innocent Polish population. Finally, on Sep. 2, the city of Piotrkow was bombed aggressively by the Nazis. (Reading 15)
  • Targeting Jews

    Targeting Jews
    All throughout 1939, the Nazi Germans continued to classify, demean and expose Jewish citizens. Eventually, all members of this religion were forced to wear distinctive yellow stars on their clothing. Additionally, there was an official Jewish curfew, which outlawed Jews from roaming in public between the hours of 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. These conditions were extreme and proposterous.
  • Churchill Strikes Back

    Churchill Strikes Back
    After Adolph Hitler gained control of Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemberg in the Spring of 1940, Winston Churcill became Prime Minister of Great Britain in May. Upon his election into office, Churchill vowed to conquer the monstrous Nazi tyrrany by land, sea and air. His ultimate goal was to reclaim the colinized Eastern European nations and restore their independence. (Reading 19)
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    During the Summer of 1941, Adolph Hitler ordered his brownshirt SS organization to raid the Soviet Union and kill anyone who was considered either a 'Jewish-Bolshevik menace" or an "enemy of the state". To the Fuhrer, this meant that all who opposed Nazi leadership were to be located and executed. Four different German military groups went about this process in a very systematic way. (Reading 20)
  • U.S Involvement In World War II

    U.S Involvement In World War II
    After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on Decemer 8th, 1941, the American Army decided to persue a war with the Pacific Island. Since Germany was a close ally of Japan, an Asian political ambassaador beckoned for Adolph Hitler's military protection. The Fuhrer agreed. So, on December 11th, 1941, Germany declared war on the United States of America. It was the Allies against the Axis. (Reading 21)