World war 2 wwii

World War II

  • The First Saturday Suprise Reading 1

    The First Saturday Suprise   Reading 1
    Hitler first broke the Treaty of Versailles on March 8, 1935. It was his first saturday suprise in which he started rebuilding Germany's airforce, reinstating the draft and rearming the nation. He claimed that these were just precautions and were only for defensive messures. No one tried to stop him because they all believed him and they wanted peace.
  • The Second Saturday Surprise Reading 1

    The Second Saturday Surprise Reading 1
    A year after the first saturday surprise Hitler launched the seecond one.Once again he broke the Treaty of Versailles and no one tried to stop him. Germany entered the Rhineland with their troops to take it back. It no longer acted as a buffer between Germany and France and Belguim as the Treaty of Versailles said it had to. The other power houses in Europe wanted peace, s they let it happen.
  • Germany Allies With Italy Reading 2

    Germany Allies With Italy   Reading 2
    During the fall of 1936, Hitler allied with Mussolini and Itlay. Hitler and Mussilini had similar views because they were both dictators. This allience also opened the door to taking over Austria.
  • Hitler invades Austria

    Hitler invades Austria
    After insulting and threatining Austrian Prime Minister Kurt von Schuschnigg for 11 hours on February 12, 1938, Hitler was ready to invade Austria. He gave them 3 days to decide in which the held a vote. However before they could vote Hitler already entered Austria. The vote was an overwelling 99.7% approval.
  • Treaty of Munich Reading 4

    Treaty of Munich Reading 4
    Hitler turned to Czechoslovakia just as Winston Churchill said they would. Using Nazi funds Germans in the Sudetenland agitated wanting to join Germany. Seeing Hitler support this made Czechoslovakia turn to their allies. This lead to the meeting that excluded Russia and Czechoslovakia.In this meeting the Treaty of Munich was signed and it gave Hitler Sudetenland.
  • Hiter takes over all of Czechoslovakia Reading 9

    Hiter takes over all of Czechoslovakia Reading 9
    Hitler took over all of Czechoslovakia and the power houses of Europe started to get worried. Hitler had once again broken one of his promises and there was no more "peace in out time". Brittian and France said they would get involved if he invaded Poland and USA asked him to stayy away from 30 specific countries.
  • Hitler Declares War on Poland Reading 15

    Hitler Declares War on Poland Reading 15
    After killing his own prisoners in a Polish town Hitler claimed war on Poland as retaliation. No one cheered for Hitler because they did not want war. In 18 days they had defeated Poland, but were still at war with England and France. They had declared war on Germany 3 days in.
  • Polish School and Similar Laws made Reading 16

    Heinrich Himmler set the maximum grade of education to 4th grade to any non Aryan in Poland. All people with Aryan ancestors or features were deported to Germany for training for war or motherhood. Other laws such as wearing yellow stars were alosoput in place for Jews.
  • Germany controls almost all of western Europe

    By June 22 Germany had taken down all of the countries in western Europe besides England. This changed leadership in England as they fought alone. Winston Churchill was the new prime minister.
  • Germany invades the Russia

    Germany invaded Russia to destroy all of the "Jewish-Bolshevik menance" Members of 4 SS units had been killing anyone claassified as an enemy of the state. As the Russsian Jews were left in the dark, Germany made its to goals of total annihilation of false Bolshevist doctrine and the pitiless extermination of alien treachery and cruelty.
  • United States enters the War

    United states declared war on Japan after they bombed Pearl Harbor. Japan was Germany's ally so Germany then declared war on Unite state. Germany could have left Japan because they started the war, but Hitler did not. This united the Soviet Union, Britain and the united States against Germany.