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World War I, The Treaty of Versailles, and The Great Depression

  • Franz Ferdinand Is Assassinated

    Franz Ferdinand Is Assassinated
    The heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand and wife, Sophie is assassinated by native Serbians during a trip to Sarajevo, Bosnia. This is considered the start of WWI
  • Period: to

    World War I

    WWI started with Serbia assassinated Fraz Ferdinand and the tension betwwen the different coutries were getting out of hand. Alliances were made between countries and it threw us all in an all out war.
  • German Support For Austria

    German Support For Austria
    Kaiser William II gave the promise of German support for Austria aganist Serbia. This will play a later role in the alliances the Germans would make.
  • Austria Declares War On Serbia

    Austria Declares War On Serbia
    Austria declares war on Serbia after the killing of Franz Ferdinand. This is the first declaration battle in WWI.
  • Germany Declare War On Russia/Secret Alliance

    Germany Declare War On Russia/Secret Alliance
    The Germans Declare War on Russia, to which the Russians feel the need to help defend Serbia. Germany also signs a secret alliance with The Ottoman Empire.
  • Britain Declares War on Germany

     Britain Declares War on Germany
    Britain declares war on Germany, because of the Belgium invasion. They also become allies with France and Russia. America found the German attack on Belgium to be out of line, because Belgium was neutral. Woodrow Wilson was declared the U.S. would remain neutral.
  • Waters Around British Isles Is Considered A War Zone

    Waters Around British Isles Is Considered A War Zone
    Wilson warns Germany that they would be blamed if they were to attack neutral vessels carrying Americans. This plays a key role in the upcoming events.
  • Germans Use Posion Gas

    Germans Use Posion Gas
    The Germans do something devastating and release poison gas during the Second Battle of Ypres. This is the first time Germany uses a poisonous gas. This foreshadows Germany before and in the WW2 years.
  • Sinking Of Lusitania

    Sinking Of Lusitania
    A German U-boat torpedoes British passenger liner Lusitania. The liner carried 128 Americans and the sinking of it created a German/American diplomatic crisis. This is the starting of multiple problems between the US and Germany.
  • Arabic Pledge

    Arabic Pledge
    The Arabic Pledge was a promise that Germany made to not sink anymore British liners. They don’t keep this promise and more problems build up between Germany and America.
  • Woodrow Wilson Enters Second Term

    Woodrow Wilson Enters Second Term
    Woodrow Wilson wins election by declaring, “He kept us out of war.” Peace was important to Woodrow and he tried to keep it up for as long as he could.
  • Zimmermann’s Note

    Zimmermann’s Note
    Around Jan 1917
    Minister Arthur Zimmermann of Germany sent out a telegram to Mexico asking for an alliance between them. He asked Mexico to attack the United States if the United States attacked Germany. The note was intercepted by the British and was given to the Americans. This was one of the main reasons Americans entered the war.
  • Wilson Asks For Permission

    Wilson Asks For Permission
    After discovering Zimmermann’s note, Wilson goes straight to congress asking to join the war against Germany. There could not be peace with the actions being taken place around the globe.
  • Congress Replies

    Congress Replies
    Congress finally replies with authorization to declare war against Germany. The United States joins alliances with France and Britain. America starts to mobilize quickly.
  • Help Throughout War Economy

    Help Throughout War Economy
    War economic help formed during May 1917. The War Industries Board, Food Administration, and Committee On Public Information were the three main ones. The War Industries Board regulated all companies in the war and was ran by Bernard Baruch. Food Administration set higher prices for food, so they could increase the farmer’s sale production. They also asked Americans to ‘eat less’, so they could ship more food to the soldiers fighting over sea. Committee On Public Information was to educate Ameri
  • 14 Points To Peace

    14 Points To Peace
    Woodrow Wilson announced the 14 Points, stating that it was an outline of America’s was aims. The 14 Points showed independence and freedom. It also banned all secret treaties and brought up the League of Nations, which would secure “mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.” - Woodrow Wilson's "Fourteen Points" Speech, 8 January 1918
  • The Battle of Cantigny

    The Battle of Cantigny
    I feel like The Battle of Cantigny was the turning point in the war. It was the first war America won and the starting point of the German's fall. America had 1,067 casualties, but was able to capture 100 German prisoners. It was just a start to finally rising up and getting the war to stop.
  • Germans Surrender

    Germans Surrender
    Also dubbed Armistice Day, the Germans signed the Armistice and put into action at 11:00 am. The Armistice was an agreement to end the war between the Allies and Germany.
  • Treaty Of Versailles

    Treaty Of Versailles
    The Treaty Of Versailles was a peace document in which officially ended the war between Germany and the Allies. The treaty was signed June 28th of 1919 and it decided what punishments Germany deserved for the problems they created during the war. The German had to do a couple of things for their punishment-giving back land; paying back reparations; shrink their military; War Guilt Clause-and every one of those punishments were acceptable. David Lloyd George, Clemenceau, Orlando and Woodrow Wilso
  • Black Thursday

    Black Thursday
    The Wall Street Crash was the starting point of the Great Depression. It was a crash in stock values, that turned into a catastrophic downturn. The stock fell a huge amount and turned America into an economic depression. The depression didn't just happen in America. It happened all aroun the world. In Germany inflation and recession led to the rise of Hitler, which connects to WWII.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was a time where the world took a toll on WWI. The finacial system was down and everyone was feeling it. America had the Wall Street Stock Market Crash, Germany was at an economic downturn, there was a finacial crisis in Great Britain and France, and it just affectted everyone. This conflict led to WWII, becasue it allowed powers like Hitler to rise up and take over, but that later led to the end of The Great Depression.
  • Period: to

    Start Of WWII & The U.S

    With the start of the WWII happening, more jobs were created. More jobs were created to provide employment to support war effort. This pulled America out of the Great Depression and helped rebuild the nation.
  • Bombing Of Pearl Harbor

    Bombing Of Pearl Harbor
    The bombing of Pearl Harbor was s surprise attack by the Japanese. It was an air attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It pulled Americans into WWII. This is what was considered to pull us out the Great Depression. When WWII started we were started to get back on our feet, becasue we started to manufacture more weapons. This made more jobs for the people and repaired our naton.