World War I Karley and Kara

  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife is said to be one of the reason for the start of World War I.
  • Austria declared war on Serbia

    The Austrian government blamed the Serbian government for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and declared war on Serbia.
  • Germany declared war on Russia

  • Germany declared war on France

    German troops went into Belgium. The British foreign secretary, Sir Edward Grey, demanded Germany withdrawal from the neutral Belgium.
  • British declaration of war

    Germany did not withdraw from Belgium and Britain declared war on Germany.
  • Japan declared war on Germany

    Due to their alliance with Great Britain, Japan declared war on Germany.
  • Battle of Tannenberg

    It was difficult for the Russians to get supplies through to their men, but the Germans used their railway system to surround the Russian army at Tannenberg. The battle was a defeat for the Russians with thousands of men killed. Although the Germans won the battle, 13,000 men were killed.
  • Battle of Masurian Lakes

    This battle was the second win for the Russian army. Although the Germans did not win, many Russians were taken prisoner.
  • Turkey Becomes Part Of World War I

    Turkey began their part of the war on the side of the central powers.
  • Russia declared war on Turkey

    As a result of the help given by Turkey to German, Russia declared war on Turkey.
  • Britain and France declared war on Turkey

    Britain and France, allies of Russia, declared war on Turkey.
  • Lusitania sunk

    The Lusitania, which had many American passengers aboard, was sunk. This helped lead to the United States getting involved in the war over all.
  • Italy Also Takes Part In World War I

    Italy entered the war on the side of the Allies.
  • Battle of Verdun (lasted till November 1916)

    21 Feb - Nov 1916
    The Germans wanted to 'bleed the French dry'. Longest battle in the war, lasted about 9 months.
  • Battle of the Somme (lasted till November 1916)

  • Zimmermann Telegram

    Helped get the United States involved in the war.
  • USA declares war on Germany

    The United States of America declared war on Germany in response to the sinking, by German U boats, of US ships.
  • Armistice signed

    The Armistice was signed bringing the war to an end.
  • Treaty of Versailles